How I go from Summer to Fall!

With Fall officially here, leaves are not the only things changing color! Whenever seasons change, our style and color choices change too! I’m going to show you some of the ways that I change my style to transition into the Fall from Summer! For me, the three main things that change from Summer to Fall are my nails, hair, and outfits! And obviously my Starbucks latte (Pumpkin Spice is the way to go)! In this post I’ll be showing you some of my favorite Fall colors for everything beauty related!


Obviously as the weather gets colder everyone gets a bit more gloomy and we all go towards the darker colors or nudes instead of pastels and bright colors. Some of my favorite Fall nail polishes are:

Hair:Hello Autumn

I don’t dye my hair too much, but when I do the seasons definitely effect whether I’m going darker or lighter. In the Fall and Winter time I love deep chocolate brown and raven black colors. I find that those two look striking in the winter time, it may be because of the contrast of those colors against the snow. Here is an online quiz  made by Madison Reed, a hair color company that has re-engineered permanent color to give everyone a chance to get hair that looks like it was done by professionals at home! You can take it to see which hair color is best for you, It asks you just about everything about your hair, from your skin color to hair texture to determine which hair color would best suit you!


My face makeup stays the same, but I usually change up my eye looks and my lipstick for Fall! On my eyes I really like using natural colored and/ or copper and gold eye shadows. I really love browns paired with gold because it gives such a natural yet still big appearance on your face, smokey eyes (especially with browns) are another one of my favorite things for Fall. And of course, I match the natural(ish) eye shadow with a bold and dark (darker than usual) lip color. Here are some of my favorite lipstick shades (My favorite is the YSL limited Edition in Black Red):

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13 thoughts on “How I go from Summer to Fall!

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  8. I don’t bother waiting for a season to do anything. I wear dark lipstick all year round and paint my nails whatever colour I want. If anything, Autumn and Winter is when you need bright colours so I go all out on that

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