Favorite Nail Colors for Summer 2017

Hey guys,

Painting my nails is something that I have loved doing since I was a little girl, and as seasons change, I would change my taste in colors. Here are some colors that I’ve been loving to rock during the hot sunny months!


This baby blue is a color that I love for summer, and for one main reason; it reminds me of the beach. The beach is my happy place and blue is known to be a calm and cooling color so whenever I have blue nails I always feel at bit more tranquil.purple nails

Ya, you can probably sense a pattern here… Light girly colors that are almost like pastels are my summer go to’s. That, or going really bold!lilac nails

This color just makes me think of flowers and innocence immediately. It’s like the innocent girl next door color, but add an accent somewhere and it’ll add a cool twist to the look. It is also a really great base if you wanted to try some cool designs.

white nails

Matt white nails are a classic, and it’s no surprise why! It looks great on all nail lengths and has an clean,fresh, fun look to it, all while being elegant at the same time! I absolutely love white nails when I tan, I love the contrast of white against my darker skin.

yellow nails

Remember how I mentioned being bold in one of the above pictures? Well this is an example of what I was talking about, yellow! Same as the white, yellow contrasts beautifully against bronzed skin and is such a vibrant color that just screams sun!

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite nail color picks, comment yours below! Also do not forget that I will be moving my blog some time soon! Lastly, if you are interested in getting in great shape with me for free, click the link below!

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Here is to wishing everyone a great fitness journey!


Ootd ūüíú

Hey guys! Today is the last day before march break and I’m so excited! I’m going skiing in a cute town in Quebec, so be expecting some really nice pictures next week! As for today, I have a some pictures of an outfit I wear really often. It’s a really ¬†casual and cozy outfit so it’s great for an everyday look. The outfit details are below!

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Is Acetone Bad for Your Nails?

  The answer is YES! I’ve always had really bad nails, they would break and chip all the time which made it really for me to keep a nice manicure. At first I thought my nails were weak because of bad nutrition, I thought maybe I wasn’t consuming enough dairy or vitamins. So I changed up my diet and nothing changed, so I thought maybe the problem was that my nail polishes were ruining my nails, after all nail polish does have a lot of chemicals and a toxic smell! I wasn’t going to give up painting my nails so I switched to organic nail polishes but my nails still remained the same.

It finally hit me that my nail polish remover was the problem when I was removing shellac and it left my fingers white and nails completely dry, rough, and broken. So I did my research and found out that acetone really is horrible for nails, so I switched to oil based removers and ever since then my nails are 100 times stronger!

I know acetone removes nail polish much easier than non-acetone nail polish removers but unfortunately it is such a strong solvent that it not only removes your nail polish but also much of the important natural oils on your nail bed. That dehydrates your nails causing them to break and chip much more. It is not recommended for regular use and especially not recommended for people with already dry nail beds (me)! Although I keep a bottle for occasional use, for those really tough colors (black and dark purple) and to remove shellac. Sadly non-acetone nail polish removers just won’t cut it for those.

Non-acetone use solvents that are much more gentle and usually contain some sort of moisturizer too to help with the dehydration problem. So if you have been having the same problems as I, I strongly suggest that you try using a non-acetone remover for a few weeks. Most brands come with both options and the price is pretty similar, so go on and try it out!

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The Cutest Valentines Day Nail Art- Easy and Quick

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought I would share a few really cute nail art designs that are perfect for Valentines day whether you have big date plans with your loved one or if you have a night planned out with your couch and Netflix! Whatever your plans are, try out  one of these nail designs out, they are easy, quick, and really cute! Enjoy!

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John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray on Brown Hair Review

About a year ago, I had went to the hairdressers to ombre my hair. The hairdresser refused to use bleach on my hair so I ended up leaving the salon with a color I definitely did not want! Luckily there was a smooth transition so at least I didn’t have to worry about that! But I really hated the color so I was determined to find a cheap way to lighten¬† the color. I ended up purchasing the John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray even though the instructions strictly said the it was for natural blondes only and I was naturally a brunette… oh well it worked out. It was $14 at a Shopper’s Drug mart, so it was a tiny bit more expensive than some other hair lightening products, but I heard great things about i so I decided the extra few dollars were worth it, and it still cost way less than getting your hair done again by a professional. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Dry Winter Skin!

Every time Winter rolls in, I know that I`m about to have a battle with my skin! It always gets really dry and flaky, which not only looks bad but it also makes putting face make-up on almost impossible and it also itches like crazy! Although this year I think I finally got it right! Here are a few tips on how to keep your face moisturized!

Here are a few reasons why your face may be so dry.

  • Your daily cleanser
  • Washing your hands too much
  • The dry winter air
  • The winter wind
  • Your acne creams

Since there are so many solutions to these problems, I`m going to make this a two part series, so make sure to check the blog for the last three explanations and solutions of the list above!

Your Daily Cleanser

This is something that I have been doing wrong for so long, and changing it up made all the difference! Cleansers are known to dry up your face becuase that is how getting rid of all that dirt and oil usually works, so its great for people with really oily skin, but for anyone else it will make your skin flake! So, from now on when you are looking for cleansers, don`t look for cleansers that claim they will make you acne disappear, really nice smelling cleansers, or cleansers with the little exfoliating balls in them. You see, anything with fragrance drys out your skin because the chemicals behind the scent are usually drying. That`s why even though I LOVE my Body Shop lotions that smell like heaven, I try not to use them as often as my other more organic and non-smelling lotions because I know that they do not moisturize as well. Also, stray away from any exfoliants for a daily routine in the Winter time. It is good to exfoliate every once in a while to get rid of the top layer of dry skin, but doing it daily will be too rough on your skin and leave it even dryer than when you started!

With all that being said, what you should look for a cleanser to say on its label is things like moisturize, daily, and especially labels that specifically say that they do not dry out your skin. After using a cleanser, use an extra rich moisturizer right after. To make sure your body absorbs most of the moisturizer, put it on right when you get out of the shower because your pores will be open then.

Washing Your Hands Too Often

This may comes as a surprise to some, but washing your hands religiously is actually not so great for you! If you wash your hands too often, you will most definitely get extremely dry hands. So many people over wash their hands an dcombined with the winter climate it leaves your hands red and flaky. So try not to wash your hands more than 5 times a day, also make sure to always dry your hands fully! Your hands pick up more gedrms when they are wet and the wetness also dries them out. Another thing you could do is to keep a bottle of lotion beside your sink and always apply it after drying your hands.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series! I also started a new fitness routine and was wondering if you guys would like a daily journal about what workouts I did and other fitness related tips, so if that sounds like something that would interest you, then please let me know in the comments!

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OOTD: Cute Winter Outfit

The temperature has officially been under 0 for several days now so I wanted to share one of favorite warm outfits with you guys! It’s a great outfit for a day at the mall or a stroll through the city. Also, you may notice that I rolled my jeans up and honestly I only did that because those jeans are a little short but since it is winter, tucking your jeans into your boots is a great idea! Continue reading

New Years Resolutions!

Hey guys! It’s been another year and we officially left 2015 behind and started 2016! Who’s excited, I know I am! As always I decided to make a New Years resolution list and this year I want to share my resolutions with you guys¬†and hopefully ¬†I’ll actually manage to keep some of them.

1)Actually go to the gym

I got a gym membership last month and so far I haven’t gone to the gym to exercise once! I have a bit of an excuse, I’ve been working on a gym routine. After lots and lots of research I finally decided on what my routine was going to be . I found an amazing website with a 12 week fitness plan for free! So I’m going to follow the plan¬† and follow it with the Treadmill Brazillian Butt Workout below, because I mean who doesn’t want a brazillian butt!?

treadmill workout

2) Less tv time

When I get home¬† I am so exhausted that I have a need to just lie down on my couch and watch tv, even if I have more important things to do. If I don’t watch any tv a whole day then I feel as if my day wasn’t a good one. I know, it’s like I have a tv addiction! I’m going to try really hard to stop being so dependent on tv!

3)Work more on my blog

I have to admit that lately I haven’t¬†been separating as much time for my blog as I should… A few months ago my blog was skyrocketing but then the holiday season came along and I didn’t/t have as much time (and laziness took over) and things have slowed down. I am going to try really hard to stick to my posting schedule (Mondays and Fridays) and to produce more useful and fun content.

4) Eat healthier

Realistically speaking here, I’m never going to stop eating pizza or ice-cream but I am going to try eating more in moderation. I also have a bad habit of needing to eat some desert right after dinner, if I don’t¬† then I don’t feel full. So I am going to try to stop that and get my body used to eating less sugar!

Do we have any of the same resolutions? Share your resolutions in the comment section! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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WTWW: A holiday party

WTWW: a Holiday party! In case you have noticed, this is a new series called What To Wear When, where I will give my tips and suggestions for what to wear at a certain event. With no further a due, let’s get started! 

It’s the time of year where everyone goes to fun, festive holiday parties. Christmas parties, New Years parties, and all other events are so great butI know how much of a struggle it can be to pick the perfect outfit. So here’s a few ideas that I hope you’ll like! There’s a bit of amethyst for everyone, and I know there are lots of sequins, but don’t worry I tried to balance them all out so that it isn’t too flashy but still really glittery. 

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Best Perfumes under $20!

So I’ve heard from a lot of you that you don’t like paying lot’s of money for perfume, you just want to smell good and it doesn’t matter from which brand! Some people love perfume and spend hundreds of dollars¬† on perfume. Personally, I’m in the middle. I like spoiling myself with some expensive perfumes but I mainly have perfume that costs a bit less but still smells amazing! In this post, I’m going to share my 5 favorite perfumes that are under $20 and are amazing!


  Haily by Aeropostale

The reason I bought this perfume wasw because I thought the bottle was so cute! I got lucky because it turned out that this perfume smelled great, it’s sweet and floral. It is also pretty strong but not overwhelming and has pretty good staying power.

 Sweet Embrace and Love Charm by La Senza

Sweet Embrace has a really sweet smell( may be overpowering to some). But because of this it has really long staying power and by the end of the day it will still be there. Love Charm is the complete opposite, it smells a bit like melon and has a nice airy smell to it. It is definitely a great summer perfume.

The LVII limited collection by Zara

¬† I love this perfume because it seems a lot more expensive than it is, and the quality is quite great. It smells extremely sweet, kind of like candy. Honestly, the smell is really hard to describe, it is sweet but not the floral type sweet if that makes sense…

Wild by BU

This perfume is extremely airy, it is the lightest perfume of all of the above. It’s a floral smell as I’m sure you can tell by the way it looks. It is also a perfume deodorant spray, I’m not sure what that really is but I am sure that it isn’t body mist or body spray because the smell is much stronger than that and stays on for longer.

I hope you find that one of these suit you!

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