5 Best Fall Beauty Hacks

I’ve noticed that I always get really great reviews for any hack/diy typed posts, so today I have the 5 Best Fall Beauty Hacks! These tips help me personally on a daily basis so I really hope that they will help you too and make your lives at least a tiny bit easier!

Hack #1: To make yourself look more awake…

To make yourself look more awake line your water line with  nude color. I know most of you know this trick except with a white eyeliner, but instead use nude because it has the same affect of making your eyes look bigger except it wont be as harsh as white.

Hack #2: To go from everyday make-up to a smokey eye simply…

To go from everyday make-up to a smokey eye simply smudge your eyeliner! Apply some brown eye shadow if you don’t already have some and then using a q-tip, smudge the eyeliner that you already have on!

Hack #3:Quick fix(es)to cover your outgrown roots (temporarily)…

2 hacks in one for covering your outgrown roots (temporarily). One thing you could do that only works for people with dark roots and light hair is to spray dry shampoo on the roots (lots of it) it will cling to roots and make them seem white for a bit. Haha this is something we usually try to avoid but this time it’s good! The second tip is to tease at your roots. This will lift your hair and therefore won’t show your roots. Just make sure to keep teasing throughout the day.

Hack number 4: Keep moisturizer everywhere because…

Keep moisturizer everywhere! Firstly, dry skin will leave your skin feeling irritated and itchy the thew hole day, and no one likes that! But secondly, maybe even more importantly if you have flaky skin, it will make your skin look so gross and cakey when you apply face make-up! No-one likes to see that so ladies, make sure to stay moisturized, apply moisturizer day and night! I suggest to keep one right by your bedside.

Hack number 5: After brushing your teeth…

After brushing your teeth at night, always exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush. This will leave your lips nice and smooth so that you can wear those beautiful rich and bold lipstick colors !

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