How to Turn a Day Outfit into an Evening Outfit/ OOTD

Have you ever had a day where you had plans to hang out with people all day- from day to night? For example, first you went shopping and then had plans to go for drinks at night with the same person, and didn’t have enough time to change from your shopping outfit to an evening outfit? Well a few days ago I had a similar experience so I had to think of a way to go from a casual day outfit to a night outfit without going home to change or bring a whole other outfit along with me. I came up with a simple recipe that I will always follow if I come into a situation like this.

The Day Outfit:





For the day outfit I chose a pretty blouse that could be dressed up or down, and wore my favorite pair of wedges that can also be dressed up or down depending the situation. Since the blouse and shoes were more formal than what I would normally wear, I dressed the outfit down by pairing them with simple white denim shorts. I kept the jewelry pretty simple with a watch and a big gold necklace, although if you want an even more casual look, I suggest you take off the necklace.

Recipe: Pretty blouse+ denim shorts + wedges + simple jewelry =A day outfit that can be transformed in a night outfit in one step!

The Night Outfit:






Outfit Details:

Blouse: Dresslink ||Skirt: H&M ||Necklace: Ardene ||Shoes:Steve Madden ||Watch: Dresslink ||Bracelets: Aldo

As you can see, all I did was put on a skin tight black skirt. This skirt was easily foldable so I just stuffed it into my purse and put it on when the time came! The skirt made the outfit look far more formal and “nightly” then the shorts did, especially since it was skin tight.

Recipe: Pretty blouse + skin tight skirt + black heels + lots of bold jewelry =  Night Outfit!

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