Fall Fashion Must- Haves!

Yes, the leaves are changing into beautiful colors and Starbucks has gotten tastier drinks than ever but honestly Fall is getting the best of me. IN the mornings I always think I finally figured out the weather but then I go outside and I either freeze because I didn’t dress warm enough or I sweat like crazy the entire day because I felt like it was – 10 degrees whereas it was actually +10 degrees. Or weather just really wants to make me feel crappy and it decides to rain! SO I am making this post to help me get my stuff together and hopefully will help you guys too! I’ve pieced together several fashion items that I think are perfect for Fall, to keep us at the right temperature and looking cute while doing so.

Over the knee boots:

Over the knee boots, especially in suede, are everywhere now and its no wonder, I mean look how cute they are! Personally I love them because since they are so long, they add an extra layer of warmth so that you calves stay toasty all day. For me, I find wearing skirts and dresses really hard in the Fall because my legs always get to cold, but these babies are a solution to that! Between the boots and the skirt, there probably won’t be more than 5 inches of skin that isn’t covered by a thick layer of clothing.

Sweater dresses:

Like I said above, I find wearing dresses in the Fall really difficult but sweater dresses have made it a bit easier. Since sweater dresses are made out of thick material like sweaters (hence the name) it will ensure that you stay nice and warm. Although if your legs get cold like mine do, than you can pair a sweater dress with over the knee boots for a really chic and most importantly warm outfit!

Rain jacket:

Here in Canada, it rains constantly which is why a cute rain jacket is a must! I’ve heard people say many times that rain jackets can never be cute but let me assure you that those people are wrong. One example of a cute rain jacket is the one below from aliexpress.com

Cute rain boots:

Rain jackets and rain boots come hand in hand, so to match your cute rain jacket you need cute rain boots! Lately I’ve just been using my Timberlands as rain boots but I usually come home with wet feet… I do have normal rain boots but I just hate they way they look and resist to wear them anywhere outside my garden. I also didn’t feel like spending a whole lot of money for Hunters or similar expensive brands. So I found these cute ankle rain boots! I really like the way they look, they kind of remind me of Blunt stones… and they are %100 waterproof.

(from aliexpress.com)

Cute ankle boots:

For those truly beautiful Fall days where it isn’t raining and isn’t cold enough for over the knee boots these cute suede ankle boots are perfect! I really like these that I found at Softmoc because they can be on a bit more formal side and can be worn with dresses but they can also be really casual and be worn with jeans, I’m actually planning on purchasing this exact pair later today!


I can bet you saw this before! This year, these really big plaid scarves have really been trending. I’ve seen all types of blanket scarves (I have a black and grey one that my mom bought for me in Italy) but the plaid ones are simply everywhere I look! Honestly I love blanket scarves, they are warm and so soft that the whole day I just want to run my hand up and down the fabric! They are called blanket scarves because it’s literally as if you are wrapping yourself in a blanket- but a fashionable so it’s okay. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Must- Haves!

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  6. Great post! I love the ankle boots they’re so cute.
    Perfect for Fall 🙂
    Also I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award! I would love it if you would hop over and take a look and perhaps participate! Its over on my blog 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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