Cute and Casual Fall OOTD

Today I have a Fall OOTD post for you guys! If you are one of my regular readers then I’m sure you remember me going off about how Fall in Canada isn’t as glamorous as it seems and there are only a few days where it isn’t cold or raining. Well, I had one of those days this week and it was so beautiful that it inspired me to do this ootd! The birds were chirping, it was around 15 degrees (Celsius), not a cloud in the sky, and as you will see in the pictures the leaves make for some mesmerizing scenery!I think it’s perfect for a short walk or a stroll through downtown, details are below all the pictures! (Feel free to click on any of the images below for a bigger image)

fall lotd

bnrown leather beltΒ  fall ootd fall outfit fall gold watch lotdΒ  pretty bnlouse shoulderless blouse velevet heelsJeans: Garage ||| Blouse: Whole Sale Buying ||| Watch: Dresslink

Belt: Aeropostale ||| Shoes: H&M

Make sure to check out my Whole Sale Buying review for more info on this blouse that I got for only $5 and Dresslink review for the watch the I got for only $3! Hope you liked my ootd!

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