Dresslink Wishlist!

Hey guys! Today I have a wishlist post, yayy! This wishlist is from a super awesome website: dresslink.com.It is mainly a clothing store but also has some home aplliances, jewelry, and makeup products. It carries clothes for all ages and genders, also the prices are probably the best I’ve ever seen, I think the most expensive item on the website is $30! The only downside is that shipping takes pretty long. Also I must warn you that the items are in Asian sizes so beware of that when ordering! Either way, I highly recommend this website, especially if you’re on a tight budget or are a money saver (like myself). They also have flashbuy products, which are products that have their prices extremely reduced-sometimes up to only $0.01! So make sure to check the website frequently as they are always different flashbuy products! I know, it seems to good to be true but I have already ordered from the website and am expecting my order to arrive in about a month. I’ll also be making a post about my order when it arrives so make sure to check back for that! Without further a due, lets look at my wishlist!

Fashion Ladies Women Casual Short Sleeve Stripped Patchwork Dress

Fashion Ladies Women Casual Short Sleeve Stripped Patchwork DressAll I see nowadays are shirtdresses! Everywhere I go, I see people wearings them; moms in parks, students in class, people downtown, people grocery shopping, etc. I think you see what I mean, shirt dresses are being worn by all ages and are being worn everywhere. I believe this is because they are really comfortable, casual, and are great for quickly slipping something on in the morning. A shirt dress, messy bun, and cute shoes give you a automatic cute and casual look! This shirtdress only costs $4.26! Get it before its sold out!

New Stylish Ladies Women Solid Long Sleeve Open Neck Ruffles Casual Loose Long Wind Coat

Everyone knows that trench coats are a big trend right now, and I still don’t have one! I think trench coats are closet essentials because throwing one over a casual outfit like jeans and a white shirt will automatically make your outfit more chic. It will also keep you warm on breezy nights and can be worn during the spring, fall, and summer, so it is a great piece that can be worn throughout most of the year.

Casual Women Lapel Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Lace Applique Button Down Shirt Tops

 The second I saw this shirt, I knew I wanted it! I love simple items that have a twist to them. Chambray shirts are one of the most universal tops and are worn with everything, which is why the shoulder details are great! You are still wearing a casual chambray shirt but it is different from all the hundreds of other chambray shirts. This shirt is only $8.31.
I thought this was a really elegant black shirt that could be worn for several occasions. the chain details really make the shirt unique. It is only $4.83.
 I’ve been looking for a beautiful tassel necklace, and i think I found one. This necklace is the perfect length and is beautifully crafted. If you are in the market for a tassel necklace, you can find this one for only $4.14.

Women’s Handbag Painting Rivet Clutch Bag Envelope Bag Shoulder Bag

 The last item on  my wishlist is this clutch. I love because clutches usually aren’t casual but I can imagine this one as a casual and a fancy clutch. The studs on the flower pattern give off a really edgy but cute vibe.

This wraps up my wishlist but trust me there are many more items that I’m sure you would love! If you still think these prices are too good to be true, you will be able to see my order when it arrives so watch out for that!

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* This is a sponsored post. But all opinions are 100% honest as always.

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