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The Guide to Leather Backpacks for School

For many years in the past and surely for many years to come, leather is a material that has been used in the fashion industry time and time again. And it’s no surprise why, leather is a one of a kind material. It is natural and is extremely strong and durable, not to mention stylish! Which makes leather an ideal pick for a backpack that you’ll be using almost everyday!

Like most other students, I’ve been sporting regular nylon backpacks (basically anything I could find in Staples). Nylon is more light weight, which is definitely an advantage but my bags would rarely last me a full year. Either they would rip, get extremely dirty, or simply go out of style! I’ve had a few backpacks that ripped after only a few months and I would have to buy a new one. One year I had a light blue Jansport backpack that went from blue to almost grey because of how dirty I got it from taking it to school everyday. Also, just think about all the different designs and patterns Jansport comes out with each year, these backpacks go out of style very quickly!

Leather on the other hand is an extremely durable material that can last up to 20 years with just a little bit of care, its as simple as occasionally using a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. Also, leather backpacks don’t go out of style, as leather is a fashion staple. Its actually the contrary, the more you wear it, the more it becomes soft and customized with a unique texture and pattern.

One reason why I haven’t thought about owning a leather backpack for school up until now is because I thought that the material is too stiff and heavy and would not be flexible or large enough be able to carry all my school supplies. It turns out that there are actually many leather backpacks that can hold a lot, and even if they seem a bit stiff at first, they will soften as you use them. Here is an interesting blog post specifically about leather backpacks for school.

So you like the idea of owning a leather backpack but not so much the price….

This is one of the main reasons why I haven’t bought a leather backpack earlier but I am changing my way of shopping to buying less quantity but better quality. It’s the same as what happens with all our closets, they are full yet we still claim to have nothing to wear that we like! Well that’s because we haven’t been thinking much about the long term, by investing in a leather backpack you will be happy with the same  beautiful backpack for years to come instead of ending up with 5 damaged backpacks (true story). If I had bought a good quality leather backpack in the beginning of high school, I actually would’ve saved money in the long run because I only bought 1 backpack instead of purchasing a new one each year. Not only is it a great investment, but leather bags are also becoming more affordable.

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GlamGlow Supermud Mask Unboxing and Review!

Hey guys!

I’m super excited about tonight’s post! I will be reviewing Glamglow’s Super Mud mask! I’ve been doing a lot of research about this product because I am looking for a high quality mask to clear up my skin. Basically glamglow has taken everyone by their feet! So I wanted to see if this product was really as great as everyone says or if its another trend not worth splurging on.

The packaging is really beautiful and the box it is in is so sparkly and reflects light so beautifully! Here are some pictures of the packaging:

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Spring Must-Haves

Hey guys! Today I have a post about Spring Must- Haves that I selected from the website, Spring. Spring is a website that sells all sorts of clothes for all genders, they are not their own brand but instead they sell a bunch of different brands. When you look below, I’m sure you will come across some brands you already know and love!


Marigot: Lurin Short Pajama set

I thought this pajama was really cute! The reason I think it’s a spring must-have is because the top is long-sleeved and the bottoms are shorts. Since Spring weather is kinda bipolar I like to be prepared for everything so this pajama set is great for the warmer and colder spring days!

Urban Outfitters: Without Walls Crisscross legging

Cut-outs are a big thing once again this season. These leggings are so adorbale but they are also really great for working out! Because of the cutouts on the side, your legs will be able to breathe easily yet you will also be covered where most of your insecurities might be!

DSTLD: Ripped High Waisted Skinny Jeans

I’ve been telling myself to but a pair of high waisted skinny jeans for over a year now! They are expensive but jeans are honestly the best clothing investment because you can wear them year round! The reason I like high waisted jeans is because you can wear really cute crop tops without actually showing too much (or any) skin.

Celine High Neck in White Perforated Perfection (1 piece)

I might be getting ahead of myself as it is snowing here right win but I really love this bikini so I had to include it! Let me just say that it is amazing for those in the itty bitty titty community 🙂

Track Pant Silky Blue Black

I often find Spring to be too cold for shorts so when I don’t want to wear jeans I opt for these types of pants. They are loose and are as comfortable as sweatpants except they look way nicer and can be made to look extremely chic with the right top and accessories. Because they are loose and usually made out of a thinner fabric, they will allow air circulation and will let your legs feel  warm but not too warm.


I have seen this jacket everywhere! It’s a great transitional jacket that would go great with the pants above (and almost anything else)!

Urban Outfitters: Ecote Cooper Off-The-Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder tops are really trending now and I’m not surprised! They look a bit elegant and laid back at the same time. They are also a great way to expose skin without being too revealing or if crop tops aren’t your thing.

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Winter Hacks

OOTD – Winter 2016

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October Wishlist

It hasn’t even passed Halloween, yet I’m already in the Christmas mood! I must admit usually I don’t have too much holiday spirit but for some reason this year I’m feeling a lot more festive! I already had Santa Baby stuck in my head last week and have a really strong urge to go skating! With that said, since I was thinking about the holidays I obviously thought about gifts too, which got me inspired to make a wishlist! October Wishlist

Philipp Plein three quarter sleeve shirt
1,410 CAD –

I don’t know about you, but I practically live in sweaters in the winter time! They are soo cozy and thick and I just don’t know what I would do without them! I need to stock up on cute sweaters of all kinds so that they’ll last me all winter!

Zara grey wool coat
250 CAD –

I’ve gotten a new winter jacket pretty much every winter because the winter before I would buy one that I didn’t really like. Unfortunately, the pattern continues, last year I bought a winter jacket because it was really warm but it’s also really really ugly! Which is why I would really like a new winter jacket like this grey one. Sadly, the one from last year  was too expensive so I doubt I’ll be getting a new jacket, but a girl can hope!

Topshop short black skirt
180 CAD –

Red bodycon skirt
20 CAD –

I really want to add a leather skirt (or two) to my wardrobe. They can be made to look edgy or elegant and are way warmer than most skirts because they are leather. I really like the two above because I love the dark red color of the pencil skirt and I really love the studs in the black one, it adds such a cool dynamic to the skirt!

River Island blue jegging
105 CAD –

I never know which pants to wear in the wintertime because I always end up freezing my butt off with whatever I wear (except sweatpants, buy I can’t wear them everyday 😦 ). So I’ve concluded that the warmest things for winter would be plain jeans, and since I’ll be wearing them daily, I’ll be needing a lot more new pairs. I really like the high waist because not only does it suck everything in, but it also adds an extra layer on your tummy making you warmer!

Tory Burch knee high leather riding boots
650 CAD –

Nly Shoes black high heel boots
77 CAD –

I find it really hard to find warm and cute shoes, but I think the two pairs above should do the trick! The knee high boots are great because they are warm and you can wear leg warmers to make your legs extra toasty! The ankle boots will be colder but they are so cute that I had to make an exception and you can always pair them with warm, cute socks to make them warmer.

H M brown handle bag
51 CAD –

When it’s minus something degrees I really can’t hold on to purses, which is why I think a cute backpack is essential! I don’t have one, so I plan on purchasing that first!

H M round scarve
16 CAD –

Another of my winter essentials would be scarves! They add extra warmth, keep the cold zipper from touching your face, and make your outfit look more put together. That’s a bonus after a bonus after a bonus!

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Whole Sale Buying Wishlist / Womens Fashion

Hey! Today I have a wishlist post from a site called Whole Sale Buying. It is a website similar to dresslink, it sells clothes for all genders and ages, accessories, shoes, home, electronics, you name it, they have it! The prices are also amazing! For clothes, I didn’t see anything that cost more than $20. And with thousands and thousands of beautiful items of clothing I’m sure you’ll find something you love! I was making this wishlist and couldn’t stop finding more and more things that I wanted, I think this is the longest wishlist I’ve ever done!

Girl Asymmetric Dovetail Chiffon Long Skirt Elastic Waist Band$4.84

I love chiffon skirts so much, they’re so flowy and light feeling! I’ve wanted a high-low skirt for a while now and when I saw this skirt I knew I needed it! The black waist band will cinch your waist and since the skirt is high-low it will hide the unflattering parts of your thighs and show the flaterring parts. This skirt is very flattering to any body type and can be dressed up or down whoch is why I think it is an essential! It also comes in many beautiful colors like navy blue, watermelon red, pink, black and more!

Women Fashion Sexy Casual Round Neck Sleeveless Backless Back Cross Strap Solid Irregular A-Line Dress


Again with the high-low, but you can see why I like it so much as I explained in the previous outfit. I thought this dress was super cute and casual. I love dresses because they are so easy to wear, just slip one on and you have a whole outfit finished!

Women Casual Loose 3/4 Sleeve Hollow Lace Crochet Patchwork Irregular Hem Solid Tops Blouse


If you haven’t noticed I love clothes that is casual but has a touch of elegance as well. The lace and cuts on this shirt transformed a plain shirt into something beautiful! This shirt comes in black or wine red and can be worn with literally anything, shorts, skirts, jeans, this style shirt goes with practically everything!


 I’ve talked about this before in another post but exposed shoulders are so sexy without exposing too much skin. The fabric, cut, and exposed shoulders make this shirt great for the summer!
I must say that this shirt reminds me a lot of halters that you can find in Brandy Melville and Pacsun. But its around 1/8 the cost! The quote is so adorable and halters are really in this season which makes me really want this cute tee!
I’ve wanted a sleeveless trench coat for the longest time and this one comes in apricot and khaki, two of the cutest colors for trench coats! Wear it with jeans, and plain tee, and heels for a super cute, chic, yet simple look.
Here in Canada it’s already starting to get cold so hoodies are a must! Which I why I have to stock up on cute hoodies like this one! The lace gives this hoodie a super cute look while keeping you super warm!
Latly I’ve been loving short dresses so when I saw this I couldn’t believe my luck. A shirt dress with exposed shoulders!? That gets double points in my book. Another great thing about this dress is that it comes in a size for everyone, it goes from medium to 5XL!
I hope you liked this wishlist, and make sure to check out this website for amazing finds!

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Casual Evening Outfit + Dresslink review

Today I wanted to share an outfit that I thought would be really cute for a casual night with friends. Its really easy to recreate this outfit because all you need is an elegant black shirt, black heels, and printed bottoms. The printed bottoms add some color and break up the blackness from the shoes and shirt- it adds a touch of playfulness! The exact details for the outfit will be listed below along with a review of a website called Dresslink, from which I made a wishlist post a few weeks ago.

evening outfit idea      752(3)
790(2)   752(2) 699  645(2)Shirt: Dresslink /Bottoms: Angie 
/Shoes: Steve Madden Watch: Dresslink /Bracelets: Aldo 
/Purse: Winners, similar here 

Dresslink is a webiste that sells just about everything! Clothes, accessories, home, you name it, they have it, and all at such great prices. Click here for more info about the website. If you read the wishlist, you may remember that I was a bit skeptic about the quality of the clothes because the prices were so low. Well I was nicely surprised when I got the items and they were all fairly nice material. I mean, they obviously weren’t silk or anything, but the materials were soft and weren’t itchy at all. Another of my concern was the sizing, the sizes were asian sizes so you had to be really careful when ordering. Luckily all the items I bought fit me perfectly, so if you measure correctly, the sizing is quite accurate. Also, the items arrived in only 2 and a half weeks even though I was expecting it to take 3 or more, so that was a bonus as well! In the pictures above, the watch and shirt were both from dresslink and both were under $6! Look out for one my next posts witch will feature two more items from dresslink!

Overall I give this website 4/5 stars. The quality is much better than the price, all the items looked the same as in their pictures so there weren’t any surprises there, and all the items fit well. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was simply because shipping takes quite long, it did arrive sooner than expected but still it took some time. I strongly recommend this website if you’re on a budget but are a shopaholic (like myself), because this website has some seriously cute stuff for a great price!