How to shop smart-part 2! Save money when shopping!

Everyone knows that a girls biggest weakness is shopping! Looking thorough endless racks of clothes I always manage to find something I like and can never resist the urge to buy it! Unfortunately the only solution to not buy clothes you don’t need is to not go shopping, but if you are anything like me, that won’t work, I always end up in a mall somehow! Here are some tips on how to shop yet still save money. If you haven’t already seen the first post in this two-part series make sure to check it out!

My first tip is that you look in several different stores before you buy an item. If I find a pretty simple shirt that I like but I know I can find similar ones in other stores I look in different stores and then buy the shirt that costs the least. I find it best to make a round around the mall first and then if you don’t find anything you like more, you can always go back to the first store. I usually find an item that I like more and costs less if I don’t buy the item I found in the first store.

My next tip may be a bit strange but it’s to always bring someoneto be your “downer”. A downer can be your mom,sibling,boyfriend, friend, anyone that will tell you what you really need and nwhat you don’t. In other words, the person that will be thinking logically. For example, if you want to buy a super fancy and exspensive evening dress that you will probably only wear once, your downer should point that out and not let you buy it. They should even try to drag you out of the store! 😉

I’ve talked about this next point in my swimsuit series and it is to decide quality over quantity or vice-versa. So pretty much decide if you would rather have more pieces of clothing but they won’t last long, or less pieces of clothing that you will really love and last you a longer time. There are pros and cons to both, if you’d like to read about them go check out my swimsuit series, I talk about best places to but bathing suits and best bathing suits for your body type!

Hope these tips will help you save some money! Have a great day 🙂

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5 thoughts on “How to shop smart-part 2! Save money when shopping!

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  5. Great pointers girly! If and when I decide to take someone shopping with me, I usually take someone who is a practical, honest shopper and understands my legitimate wardrobe needs haha. AND through the years of being an avid shopper and one who has a shopping addiction; I cannot stress the importance of purchasing quality over quantity. The best secret to saving a few extra bucks for sure!


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