How To Shop Smart! Part 1!

Everyone knows that a girls biggest weakness is shopping! Looking thorough endless racks of clothes I always manage to find something I like and can never resist the urge to buy it! Unfortunately the only solution to not buy clothes you don’t need is to not go shopping, but if you are anything like me, that won’t work, I always end up in a mall somehow! Here are some tips on how to shop yet still save money.

A day or two before you go shopping always go online and check for coupons. You’re probably thinking, “I won’t find any coupons, if there are any sales I’ll find out at the store,” but you’d be surprised how many coupons I’ve found and how much money I’ve saved. There are usually coupons for The body shop and Claires so make sure to always search for coupons for those stores.

Stores are sneaky, they don’t place racks randomly, they place them strategically. Almost every store has a clearance rack, you just have to really look around for them. Usually the sale items are at the back of the store but sometimes stores strategically place clearance racks where most people won’t look. For example, Urban Behavior puts the women’s clearance stuff on the second floor where mens clothes and home decoration are. If you are unsure of where the sale racks are in a store, don’t be shy to ask someone who works there.

If you know what you are buying and from which store you want it, look online before you go to the store and remember the price. Many times, prices vary from a store and the website of a store or there is a online only promotion going on. This way you can get the same item you were planning to buy for less.

Hopefully this post will help some of you save money. More tips on this and part 2 will be coming out soon, so keep watch!

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18 thoughts on “How To Shop Smart! Part 1!

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  5. Great tips girly! All ones that I usually follow and to be quite honest I am rarely caught shopping regular priced items because everything always goes on sale eventually at some point or another AND with that being said I always tell myself that because I bought it for half the price it should be I saved money and now I need to buy another two-three items to compensate for the regular retail price of the first one haha. Oh the struggles I tell ya =P


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  6. I like this. We were talking about this at work- behaviour economics. Shops actually spend a lot of money on consultants who help them olan where to place things etc.

    Never knew bodyshop does vouchers. Thanks! Will keep an eye out now! X

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