Cute and Casual Fall OOTD

Today I have a Fall OOTD post for you guys! If you are one of my regular readers then I’m sure you remember me going off about how Fall in Canada isn’t as glamorous as it seems and there are only a few days where it isn’t cold or raining. Well, I had one of those days this week and it was so beautiful that it inspired me to do this ootd! The birds were chirping, it was around 15 degrees (Celsius), not a cloud in the sky, and as you will see in the pictures the leaves make for some mesmerizing scenery!I think it’s perfect for a short walk or a stroll through downtown, details are below all the pictures! (Feel free to click on any of the images below for a bigger image)

fall lotd

bnrown leather belt  fall ootd fall outfit fall gold watch lotd  pretty bnlouse shoulderless blouse velevet heelsJeans: Garage ||| Blouse: Whole Sale Buying ||| Watch: Dresslink

Belt: Aeropostale ||| Shoes: H&M

Make sure to check out my Whole Sale Buying review for more info on this blouse that I got for only $5 and Dresslink review for the watch the I got for only $3! Hope you liked my ootd!

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October Wishlist

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October Wishlist

It hasn’t even passed Halloween, yet I’m already in the Christmas mood! I must admit usually I don’t have too much holiday spirit but for some reason this year I’m feeling a lot more festive! I already had Santa Baby stuck in my head last week and have a really strong urge to go skating! With that said, since I was thinking about the holidays I obviously thought about gifts too, which got me inspired to make a wishlist! October Wishlist

Philipp Plein three quarter sleeve shirt
1,410 CAD –

I don’t know about you, but I practically live in sweaters in the winter time! They are soo cozy and thick and I just don’t know what I would do without them! I need to stock up on cute sweaters of all kinds so that they’ll last me all winter!

Zara grey wool coat
250 CAD –

I’ve gotten a new winter jacket pretty much every winter because the winter before I would buy one that I didn’t really like. Unfortunately, the pattern continues, last year I bought a winter jacket because it was really warm but it’s also really really ugly! Which is why I would really like a new winter jacket like this grey one. Sadly, the one from last year  was too expensive so I doubt I’ll be getting a new jacket, but a girl can hope!

Topshop short black skirt
180 CAD –

Red bodycon skirt
20 CAD –

I really want to add a leather skirt (or two) to my wardrobe. They can be made to look edgy or elegant and are way warmer than most skirts because they are leather. I really like the two above because I love the dark red color of the pencil skirt and I really love the studs in the black one, it adds such a cool dynamic to the skirt!

River Island blue jegging
105 CAD –

I never know which pants to wear in the wintertime because I always end up freezing my butt off with whatever I wear (except sweatpants, buy I can’t wear them everyday 😦 ). So I’ve concluded that the warmest things for winter would be plain jeans, and since I’ll be wearing them daily, I’ll be needing a lot more new pairs. I really like the high waist because not only does it suck everything in, but it also adds an extra layer on your tummy making you warmer!

Tory Burch knee high leather riding boots
650 CAD –

Nly Shoes black high heel boots
77 CAD –

I find it really hard to find warm and cute shoes, but I think the two pairs above should do the trick! The knee high boots are great because they are warm and you can wear leg warmers to make your legs extra toasty! The ankle boots will be colder but they are so cute that I had to make an exception and you can always pair them with warm, cute socks to make them warmer.

H M brown handle bag
51 CAD –

When it’s minus something degrees I really can’t hold on to purses, which is why I think a cute backpack is essential! I don’t have one, so I plan on purchasing that first!

H M round scarve
16 CAD –

Another of my winter essentials would be scarves! They add extra warmth, keep the cold zipper from touching your face, and make your outfit look more put together. That’s a bonus after a bonus after a bonus!

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Fall Runway Trends That You Can Dostyle

One of my most successful posts to this day is my Five Runway Trends To Incorporate Into Your Outfits post, which is why I decided to make another similar post to that one. Today’s post will be all about the fall trends seen on the runway that aren’t too extravagant yet are very chic so that you can start incorporating them into your outfits and start feeling more like a model everyday!

Gloves all day everydaytrend gloves

Elegant long gloves have always had a certain classy attribute to them, in movies the rich women always wore them, or at balls (think of Disney princesses). I personally am so happy that they are a trend because my hands are always freezing cold, so I’m gonna have lots of fun with this trend!

All greytrends all grey

Grey is the color of the season for business apparel and suits, this is probably great for most people because who doesn’t own grey clothes. And now instead of thinking you look bland in all grey you actually are quite trendy. Although personally I still think its a bit bland, so I suggest pairing it with some other fall color such as burgundy, burgundy and grey are one of my favorite fall combinations.

Way up hightrend high waisted

High waists have become very trendy this past year; high waisted jeans, skirts, and even swimsuits, just about every bottom has a high waisted option. Well now designers have decided to go even higher up – above your belly button! I don’t know how comfortable this will be but it sure will suck everything in!

Where are your hands!?trend long sleeves

Another trend that has been all over runways is sleeves that go way past your hands. I love this trend because when I’m cold I tend to pull my sleeves all the way over my hands and then hold them down with my thumb, I actually made some holes in my jackets by doing this-whoops! Now my sleeves will always be extra long so I wont have to make anymore holes in my jackets 🙂

Red Plaidtrends 2015

Yes plaid (especially red)  is still in style, the simplicity of it makes it so hard for us to let go! Lumberjack style continues- YES!

So many sparkles


No more simple jewelry, now we are talking sparkly, chunky, and girly! Dig out some of your old jewelry that you thought would never be back in style, because now it is!

I am in love with all these trends because they are not only really chic but are also comfortable and warm! I love that designers actually thought about the fact that it is Fall and is getting colder! What do you think about these trends, don’t be afraid to comment!

I also want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it this week-end!

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Favorite Long Hairstyles

It is true that there are many more options for hairstyles when you have short hair, you can be really creative by layering, getting pixie cuts, and bobs. But long hair also never goes out of style! Here are a few of my favorite hairstyles that’ll spice up your long hair even more!

I love this type of ombre because it somehow looks natural, yet and dark brown and blonde are completely opposite colors!

For some reason, slicked hair always brings a touch of elegance, and looks so chic!

Fringe bangs are always super cute, but fringe bangs with curly long hair = YUM

This is my most favorite long hairstyle, once again there is an ombre going on and the curls just make it all come together so well!

I love loose curls because they look really put together but laid back at the same time, so double points!

Thanks for reading this super quick post, hope it was a nice quick read!

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How to Turn a Day Outfit into an Evening Outfit/ OOTD

Have you ever had a day where you had plans to hang out with people all day- from day to night? For example, first you went shopping and then had plans to go for drinks at night with the same person, and didn’t have enough time to change from your shopping outfit to an evening outfit? Well a few days ago I had a similar experience so I had to think of a way to go from a casual day outfit to a night outfit without going home to change or bring a whole other outfit along with me. I came up with a simple recipe that I will always follow if I come into a situation like this.

The Day Outfit:





For the day outfit I chose a pretty blouse that could be dressed up or down, and wore my favorite pair of wedges that can also be dressed up or down depending the situation. Since the blouse and shoes were more formal than what I would normally wear, I dressed the outfit down by pairing them with simple white denim shorts. I kept the jewelry pretty simple with a watch and a big gold necklace, although if you want an even more casual look, I suggest you take off the necklace.

Recipe: Pretty blouse+ denim shorts + wedges + simple jewelry =A day outfit that can be transformed in a night outfit in one step!

The Night Outfit:






Outfit Details:

Blouse: Dresslink ||Skirt: H&M ||Necklace: Ardene ||Shoes:Steve Madden ||Watch: Dresslink ||Bracelets: Aldo

As you can see, all I did was put on a skin tight black skirt. This skirt was easily foldable so I just stuffed it into my purse and put it on when the time came! The skirt made the outfit look far more formal and “nightly” then the shorts did, especially since it was skin tight.

Recipe: Pretty blouse + skin tight skirt + black heels + lots of bold jewelry =  Night Outfit!

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Casual Evening Outfit + Dresslink review

Today I wanted to share an outfit that I thought would be really cute for a casual night with friends. Its really easy to recreate this outfit because all you need is an elegant black shirt, black heels, and printed bottoms. The printed bottoms add some color and break up the blackness from the shoes and shirt- it adds a touch of playfulness! The exact details for the outfit will be listed below along with a review of a website called Dresslink, from which I made a wishlist post a few weeks ago.

evening outfit idea      752(3)
790(2)   752(2) 699  645(2)Shirt: Dresslink /Bottoms: Angie 
/Shoes: Steve Madden Watch: Dresslink /Bracelets: Aldo 
/Purse: Winners, similar here 

Dresslink is a webiste that sells just about everything! Clothes, accessories, home, you name it, they have it, and all at such great prices. Click here for more info about the website. If you read the wishlist, you may remember that I was a bit skeptic about the quality of the clothes because the prices were so low. Well I was nicely surprised when I got the items and they were all fairly nice material. I mean, they obviously weren’t silk or anything, but the materials were soft and weren’t itchy at all. Another of my concern was the sizing, the sizes were asian sizes so you had to be really careful when ordering. Luckily all the items I bought fit me perfectly, so if you measure correctly, the sizing is quite accurate. Also, the items arrived in only 2 and a half weeks even though I was expecting it to take 3 or more, so that was a bonus as well! In the pictures above, the watch and shirt were both from dresslink and both were under $6! Look out for one my next posts witch will feature two more items from dresslink!

Overall I give this website 4/5 stars. The quality is much better than the price, all the items looked the same as in their pictures so there weren’t any surprises there, and all the items fit well. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was simply because shipping takes quite long, it did arrive sooner than expected but still it took some time. I strongly recommend this website if you’re on a budget but are a shopaholic (like myself), because this website has some seriously cute stuff for a great price!

Dresslink Wishlist!

Hey guys! Today I have a wishlist post, yayy! This wishlist is from a super awesome website: is mainly a clothing store but also has some home aplliances, jewelry, and makeup products. It carries clothes for all ages and genders, also the prices are probably the best I’ve ever seen, I think the most expensive item on the website is $30! The only downside is that shipping takes pretty long. Also I must warn you that the items are in Asian sizes so beware of that when ordering! Either way, I highly recommend this website, especially if you’re on a tight budget or are a money saver (like myself). They also have flashbuy products, which are products that have their prices extremely reduced-sometimes up to only $0.01! So make sure to check the website frequently as they are always different flashbuy products! I know, it seems to good to be true but I have already ordered from the website and am expecting my order to arrive in about a month. I’ll also be making a post about my order when it arrives so make sure to check back for that! Without further a due, lets look at my wishlist!

Fashion Ladies Women Casual Short Sleeve Stripped Patchwork Dress

Fashion Ladies Women Casual Short Sleeve Stripped Patchwork DressAll I see nowadays are shirtdresses! Everywhere I go, I see people wearings them; moms in parks, students in class, people downtown, people grocery shopping, etc. I think you see what I mean, shirt dresses are being worn by all ages and are being worn everywhere. I believe this is because they are really comfortable, casual, and are great for quickly slipping something on in the morning. A shirt dress, messy bun, and cute shoes give you a automatic cute and casual look! This shirtdress only costs $4.26! Get it before its sold out!

New Stylish Ladies Women Solid Long Sleeve Open Neck Ruffles Casual Loose Long Wind Coat

Everyone knows that trench coats are a big trend right now, and I still don’t have one! I think trench coats are closet essentials because throwing one over a casual outfit like jeans and a white shirt will automatically make your outfit more chic. It will also keep you warm on breezy nights and can be worn during the spring, fall, and summer, so it is a great piece that can be worn throughout most of the year.

Casual Women Lapel Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Lace Applique Button Down Shirt Tops

 The second I saw this shirt, I knew I wanted it! I love simple items that have a twist to them. Chambray shirts are one of the most universal tops and are worn with everything, which is why the shoulder details are great! You are still wearing a casual chambray shirt but it is different from all the hundreds of other chambray shirts. This shirt is only $8.31.
I thought this was a really elegant black shirt that could be worn for several occasions. the chain details really make the shirt unique. It is only $4.83.
 I’ve been looking for a beautiful tassel necklace, and i think I found one. This necklace is the perfect length and is beautifully crafted. If you are in the market for a tassel necklace, you can find this one for only $4.14.

Women’s Handbag Painting Rivet Clutch Bag Envelope Bag Shoulder Bag

 The last item on  my wishlist is this clutch. I love because clutches usually aren’t casual but I can imagine this one as a casual and a fancy clutch. The studs on the flower pattern give off a really edgy but cute vibe.

This wraps up my wishlist but trust me there are many more items that I’m sure you would love! If you still think these prices are too good to be true, you will be able to see my order when it arrives so watch out for that!

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* This is a sponsored post. But all opinions are 100% honest as always.

How to turn your bridesmaid dress into an everyday outfit

Being a bridesmaid is great, but like the bride, you are usually left with dress or jumpsuit that is too elegant to wear anywhere else! Today I will give some tips on how you can wear your bridesmaid dress to work (assuming you work in a bank, cubicle, or anywhere where people dress “buisnessy.” A construction place probably isn’t the best place for this outfit…)! I will also show you how I a styled a beautiful Eva Franco jumpsuit that I found on These tips apply jumpsuits and dresses.

How to turn your bridesmaid outfit into an everyday outfit.

For work:

Tip #1: The one thing that almost all businesswomen own is an essential to achieve this look, a blazer! To me, blazers are the classic businesswomen item and a must-have. I love them because they can completely change the look of a outfit. Depending on how they are styled they can make an outfit look more elegant or casual. In this case, the blazer made the jumpsuit more casual and gave it a business vibe. If your dress starts flowing down right underneath your chest or if your jumpsuit is high-waisted (like in the picture) then I suggest a cropped blazer like the ones in the picture.

Tip #2: Change up the colors for a more modern and edgy feel. When we think of bridesmaids dresses we usually think of warm and neutral or one colored dresses, which is why we do the opposite,  we aren’t supposed to blend into the background (like bridesmaid are supposed to), today is our day, we want to stand out! Add strong colors that match your dress, I chose a red or black cropped blazer to go with this jumpsuit.

Tip #3:If possible, do not match your blazer and shoes. As you can see in the photo, one of my “business” outfits include black pumps and a red blazer, and the other outfit has a black blazer and red pumps. In other words add color variation, because like I said before, today we do not want to blend in! If you like matching your shoes with your tops, then read tip #4!

Tip #4: For all you people that have a need to color synchronize your shoes to another part of your outfit, then please match your shoes to your purse! I find that that brings a look together without being overwhelming to look at.

Tip #5: Stay clear of very elegant jewelry. Wear abstract bracelets, big chunky earrings, and lots of rings! You can do this in whichever color matches the rest of your outfit best (in the outfit above it was all gold). Also, feel free to add a necklace, I only didn’t because the top of this jumpsuit already has a pattern and I didn’t want to make anything clash.

Tip #6: Your purse should be big and a dark solid color. Pretty much, we are doing everything opposite to what a bridesmaid would do.

How I styled the jumpsuit for a bridesmaid:

I fell in love with this jumpsuit the second I saw it! When I think of a bridesmaid, I think of warm and light colors which is why I paired it with nude with a tint of pink heels. After the heels I found that beautiful elegant clutch and knew I had to add it! All the different colors and textures on the clutch really made this look special! It added color and subtle yet strong way! After finding the clutch, I based most of my jewelery on it, I found a beautiful purple and gold bracelet and then added on more gold bangles (these bangles had some pink on it). Since the bracelets were the same colors as the clutch it added an even more of a “pop”. Once again I added lots of rings and lastly, I added the most beautiful gold and pearl earrings.

Tip #1: When going for a overall neutral outfit but still want some “pop”, then chose one item to stand out like your shoes or purse ( like in this case).

Tip #2: Match your jewelery to your bag. I love doing this as it gives your outfit a very neat and elegant feel. I did this in this set with the clutch and the different colored bracelets!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and loved this jumpsuit as much as I did!

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Winter Essentials – Elegant

It is getting colder and darker each day. Sadly because of this we have to dress a lot warmer and this proves to be an issue for many women. Although it can be a challenge, we will get through the negative temperatures and harsh wind by layering and wearing accessories that are made to keep you warm but also make sure that they keep you stylish.  Many of these products are easy to find so you can wear the exact ones in the picture or modify and find some similar ones to match your style! This will be a three part series to cover all styles. There will be a Winter Essentials – casual, elegant , and edgy. So keep checking back to see when the next ones come out!

If you are walking down the streets trying your best to look put together but freezing on the inside, then you should follow theses tips to get the best of both worlds!

Gloves: If you are going for a elegant look, leather gloves are a must have! They keep you warm because they are leather and look very stylish. You should go for neutral colors, reds, or if you are daring a light pink.

Hat: If it were up to me, I wouldn’t wear hats because I personally don’t like them, especially winter hats. Sadly, the wind and coldness is stronger than my willpower and I always end up wearing a hat. Choose hats that are more fitted or have a pretty pattern or material. I like crochet hats with some embellishments like the one in the picture.

Scarf: I did not include a scarf in this picture because that jacket has fur around the neck. Although if you have a jacket without the fur, than make sure your scarf matches your gloves and hat. Also make sure that they are all similar textures.

Boots: For a stylish look, you can never go wrong with ankle height boots with fur on top!

Jacket: The jacket in the picture is obviously very warm, the color paired with the fur around the neck makes it look very elegant and keeps you very warm. It is like having scarf around your neck but not actually wearing a scarf! There is a black belt that goes around your waist and accentuates it. It also keeps you warm. Lastly, the black buttons and other details like the drawstring at the bottom makes this look very elegant. With this jacket, you will be the best-looking and warmest women on the street.