Beats Pill Review + Playlist

When I’m studying, or cleaning my room, or just doing anything by myself I like to listen to music to fill the silence. I’ve been using a speaker that I got from my local dollar store and honestly it was fine. It was ok because i didn’t listen to my music too loud and I didn’t really care that much about the sound quality. But let me tell you, I did not know what I was missing! My family friends got it for me  on my birthday (which was a while ago but I just got to writing this review now) and so I started using it.  Here are some pictures of the packaging, what it looks like, and the chargers and wires it comes with.



As you can see, the packaging is really nice, so nice that I kept the box! Everything is themed black, red and white but you can also get the beats pill in a variety of colors such as white, red, pink and more! To see the other colors click on the link below. It also comes with a case for your beats pill, which makes it really portable.

Once I started using it, I knew I could never go back! Firstly it was wireless, so I could just turn on my Bluetooth and connect it to the Beats Pill. Whereas before I had to connect my phone with a wire and that made it a lot harder because then I couldn`t take my phone anywhere unless if I disconected it. But the main reason why i love this item so much is because the sound quality is soo good! I never noticed before just how bad my old speaker was. When listening to music using the pill, it sounds crisp and sharp as if you can hear every single sound individually but at the same time as well (if that makes any sense). It is pricey, but if you are looking to invest in a great quality speaker, this is definatly the right choice . Click here for a great price on the Beats Pill Portable Speaker (Black) – NEW.

Now on to my playlist. I usually find around 10 songs that I love and then play then on repeat, over and over agin. I`m aware it`s a really bad thing to do because then you get sick of them, and it`s true after listening to the same 10 songs for around 2 weeks I get sick of them and end up hating them… but then I just find new songs to love 😉 Currently on my repeat playlist I have:

Honey I’m Good by Andy Grammer

Heroes by Alesso

Wrapped up by Olly Murs

You Know You Like It by Dj Snake and Aluna George

Baby Boy by Beyonce

Can’t Stop Dancing by Becky G

Can’t Feel My Face by The Week-end

Cheerleader by OMI

I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys

Spin The World by Eric Zayne

Stitches by Shawn Mendes

I know this post was a bit different than my usual posts about make-up, beauty, and fashion, but I really loved this product and had to share it!

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