Best Perfumes under $20!

So I’ve heard from a lot of you that you don’t like paying lot’s of money for perfume, you just want to smell good and it doesn’t matter from which brand! Some people love perfume and spend hundreds of dollars  on perfume. Personally, I’m in the middle. I like spoiling myself with some expensive perfumes but I mainly have perfume that costs a bit less but still smells amazing! In this post, I’m going to share my 5 favorite perfumes that are under $20 and are amazing!


  Haily by Aeropostale

The reason I bought this perfume wasw because I thought the bottle was so cute! I got lucky because it turned out that this perfume smelled great, it’s sweet and floral. It is also pretty strong but not overwhelming and has pretty good staying power.

 Sweet Embrace and Love Charm by La Senza

Sweet Embrace has a really sweet smell( may be overpowering to some). But because of this it has really long staying power and by the end of the day it will still be there. Love Charm is the complete opposite, it smells a bit like melon and has a nice airy smell to it. It is definitely a great summer perfume.

The LVII limited collection by Zara

  I love this perfume because it seems a lot more expensive than it is, and the quality is quite great. It smells extremely sweet, kind of like candy. Honestly, the smell is really hard to describe, it is sweet but not the floral type sweet if that makes sense…

Wild by BU

This perfume is extremely airy, it is the lightest perfume of all of the above. It’s a floral smell as I’m sure you can tell by the way it looks. It is also a perfume deodorant spray, I’m not sure what that really is but I am sure that it isn’t body mist or body spray because the smell is much stronger than that and stays on for longer.

I hope you find that one of these suit you!

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