The best and the worst of makeup removers ( drugstore )

I am probably the worst person when it comes to removing makeup! I usually don’t even take it off… It’s mostly because I wear waterproof mascara and every time I try taking it off I feel like my eyelashes are flaking off. But then again, this way every morning I have an eyelash on my cheek…. lots of wishes for me! Anyways, since so many of my eyelashes started falling out, I decided to start actually removing my makeup. I didn’t want to spend lots of money but I wanted to make sure it worked well. Meaning it took off everything quickly and easily. Lets get to it!

Maybelline ultra gentle make-up remover   $7

This makeup remover is my holy grail! I see it compared to high-end makeup removers all the time and I see why. This makeup remover removes everything effortlessly. Like it says on the bottle, it`s really gentle and doesn’t agitate your skin at all. It takes waterproof makeup off as easily as normal makeup. It`s a real help when trying to get off waterproof mascara. I think this is the best drugstore makeup remover there is, buy it, you won`t be disappointed!

L’Oreal gentle eye make-up remover   $6

After the Maybelline product, I think this is the next best make-up remover. It takes off all makeup including waterproof, but you have to do a bit more rubbing than the Maybelline one. Also, even thought it says gentle, it ins`t as gentle as the Maybelline. It won`t agitate your skin, but you’ll have to rub a bit for waterproof makeup so there may be some redness after, but nothing too serious. A great thing about this one is that it has a really nice and refreshing smell, when I put it on I feel like I`m refreshing my face!

   Equate Eye make-up remover   $5

I added this makeup remover for the opposite reason than the others, to warn you NOT to buy this. This probably the worst makeup remover I have ever used in my life. It honestly works worse than water! When using it, it literally took nothing off. I rubbed and rubbed but nothing came off. In the end I ended up with a very agitated face and still had all my makeup off!

So I hope this post helps you find a great makeup remover and prevents you from buying one that doesn`t work! 🙂

27 thoughts on “The best and the worst of makeup removers ( drugstore )

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  6. Great post, will definitely have a look at these!

    I’m not sure if this counts as drugstore but Bioderma’s makeup remover is amazing! It can be a bit pricey but it doesn’t burn nor does it contain alcohol (which is so drying!) and you don’t have to use a lot to get all of your makeup off in one swipe.

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  8. the wipes are lovely! Almay also had this thin circle makeup remover pads. The good/bad thing with them are that they’re oily so it really gets caked on mascara off but it also leaves residue on. I usually use Almay wipes then the equate ones to wipe/clean all over my face and not just for the makeup areas. Simple’s eye makeup remover is also good for mascara as well and doesnt leave an oily residue

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  9. I don’t like the liquid makeup remover it’s always too oily for my skin. I do love the equate make up remover wipes though! They get down and dirty! (Get it!) Especially with waterproof mascara!

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