Swimsuit Guide: Hiding that belly bulge!

Summer is nearing so I thought, ” What better posts for the summer than  a swimsuit series?” I’ve decided to make a whole series about which swimsuits are best for which body types, certain body issues, and occasions! This series should hopefully make you feel beautiful in your body no matter what it looks like! Because even though your body is yours, and you should never let anyone judge it, we usually judge ourselves the most. So if your worried that your belly is too big, or that you look too flat, or that your breasts will fall out of your bathing suit, this is the series for you! Over the next few weeks I will be posting several posts about these topics. I hope you enjoy and start loving your body for the way it is by the end of this series!

Find a bathing suit bottom that is mid-rise. The fact that it goes just a little bit higher than most bikini bottoms will help keep in most of your belly bulge and people won’t even notice because it looks like a normal bikini!

A bathing suit like the one above is perfect if your worried about that extra fat in your tummy! The placement of the colors alone is enough to hide away your stomach, but the added ruffle layer around your waist will hide everything (and I mean everything) and make your waist appear slimmer! Ir’s also super cute, talk about using bathing suits to our advantages!

This bathing suit was designed to make you look slim. The notched top, contrasting panels, and tummy ruching are all cleverly placed to hide what you want hidden and to display what you want shown.

Tankinis were also made to hide our bellies! Looser ones (bottom) are great if you have a bit of a bigger belly bulge because the loose fabric will smoothly slide over your belly and conceal and smooth at the same time! If you like tighter bathing suits but are still worried about your belly, ruched tankinis (top) are your best friend! The texture of the bathing suit will hide away that belly fat!

Lots of embroidery and corset-like details will shrink your tummy (visually obviously) and will distract the eye from your belly. Instead of someone paying attention to your bulge, they will instead be paying attention to all the details and colors of your bathing suit.

Take a trip back to the 90s, high rise bikini bottoms (top)are great for hiding your belly because, well they’re high rise so they will be tucking your stomach in and covering it. Normal high waisted bikinis (bottom) offer a bit more coverage but what makes high rise bikini bottoms special is that they also make your legs look incredibly long, and who doesn’t want incredibly long legs?

Lastly, strategically placed cuts are great for hiding your belly while still showing off some skin. Make sure that the middle of your stomach is being covered (that is where most of the fat likes to lure around) and that the sides are cut. That will hide your belly, give you a curvy appearance, and slim you down all in one!

Next time you go swimsuit shopping try and keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be beach-ready in no time! Check out my previous posts on more bathing suit tips!

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