2015 Swimsuit Guide: Swimsuits best for women with large busts

Summer is nearing so I thought, ” What better posts for the summer than  a swimsuit series?” I’ve decided to make a whole series about which swimsuits are best for which body types, certain body issues, and occasions! This series should hopefully make you feel beautiful in your body no matter what it looks like! Because even though your body is yours, and you should never let anyone judge it, we usually judge ourselves the most. So if your worried that your belly is too big, or that you look too flat, or that your breasts will fall out of your bathing suit, this is the series for you! Over the next few weeks I will be posting several posts about these topics. I hope you enjoy and start loving your body for the way it is by the end of this series!

Even though women with small chests are often envious of big chested women, they don’t know that they also have a difficult time finding the right bathing suits. So today’s post is for women with big chests. Big chests may look good in bikinis but there are several problems that also come with it such as: Chest size is bigger than bottom size, not enough support, nipples literally falling out of the bathing suit. So lets get started with fixing some of these problems.

L.L. Bean one-piece swimsuit

Subtle pattern and shirred waist: A subtle pattern like the one in the photo will keep eyes away from the chest and make you seem super slim because of the shirred waist.

Bra like tops: Full under-wire cups can fit up to a size H and give you the support needed! They are pretty much water-proof bras… Some of them are so pretty and hide the wire completly!

V-necklines: A deep neckline is only something you lucky ladies with large busts can achieve. It looks great and can also have have great support by having under-wire or being a one piece.


Triangle cups: If you felt like your bust is too big to wear triangle cups, there is a simple solution! Find a bathing suit with triangle cups, thick straps, an under-wire and you are ready to go!

Sports bra like bikinis: Want to pl,ay volleyball but you are worried about the jiggle? Well a sporty bathing suit is great for that. Particularly look for one that has straps on your back as well. This will give you extra support and keep your bust from jiggling!

I hope some of these tips help you and remember, everything is a blessing and a curse! For you ladies that are flat chested, check out my previous post that was made for you guys here!

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