Black Clothes Essentials

Since everyone seemed to love my Five Essential Tops post, I decided to follow up with a Black Clothes Essentials! Honestly, I never was a really big fan of the color black. Until this year! Black is such a beautiful shade that can truly be paired and matched with anything (except maybe brown..)! I found myself wearing more and more black clothes because they were so easy to match. Today I’ll show you the five essential black items that can be worn at many different events and occasion, and on a daily basis. You can make endless combinations with these items, so lets get started!

1. LBD

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Who could’ve guessed that a LBD (little black dress) would be the first item on this list? I’m guessing half of you 😉 There is reason that a little black dress has its own acronym, it can be worn on almost every occasion and since black is a very flattering color it also does you justice when you wear it! Wear a little black dress casually with cardigan and converse, dress it up a bit with a statement necklace, or wear it a funeral with black pumps. Whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a LBD. In fact, I’m wearing one to class tomorrow!

2. Black Blouse

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I was debating whether or not I should put this item on this list but I decided too because black blouses are once again really versatile, they can be dressed up or down while always looking chic. I also love accessorizing when I`m wearing a black blouse because you can get really creative and a bit outside your comfort zone because the black blouse will balance everything out.

3. Leggings

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I know, I know, there are lot`s of haters when it comes to wearing leggings outside the gym, but I think that leggings are a really nice alternative to jeans for those days that you are feeling lazy. I think they are super cute when paired with an over sized top, since the leggings are so tight and the top is so loose, it`ll give you the illusion of super thin legs! Either way, if you aren`t a fan of leggings outside of the gym, they are still an essential for running, exercise, and just being lazy at home 🙂

4. Black casual tee

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This is the one item that I think every single person has in their closet! A casual black tee, whether its a v-neck, scoop, or whatever it looks like is a must for layering. Wear it under anything, accesorize it, pair it with a printed scarf…. the possibilities are endless!

5. Cardigan

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I love cardigans because I find that they automatically make an outfit look more thought out and complex. They`re also great for those days when the mornings are really cold but you know that it is going to warm up later on.

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  7. Gotta love the black clothes. I recently did a style staples post and it was mainly black clothes…oops hahaha Would be great if you could check out my blog! Love yours xxx

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