Essential Summer Shoes

Essential Summer Shoes

 Filled with bright beautiful colors, summer clothing and footwear is never dull, which is why it is my favorite season (comment or like if it’s yours too)! I decided to round up a list of essential shoes needed during  this beautiful season, I believe that each women needs to own one of each of the types of shoes below, so if you don’t have one of these, I suggest you treat yourself to a pair!:) Summer is finally here, and that means its time to go shoe shopping ladies!

1. Wedges

I love wedges for spring, fall, and especially summer! They give the extra height without appearing too bulky. You can also find a bunch of cute and funky styles, step out of your comfort zone and opt for colorful wedges instead neutral colored ones! Or if you don’t like pushing your limits too much like me, chose a rosy pink/ nude wedge, it gives a very summery “vibe” while still looking super cute and summery!

2. Flat Sandals

Sandals are obviously a shoe essential, and I specifically put heeled sandals and flat sandals in different categories because I find flat sandals the most essential shoe for summer! This categorie includes really casual sandals like Birkenstocks and more fancy but still casual sandals like the ones in the picture.

3. Flip-flops

Do I really need to explain why flip-flops are summer essentials? They are worn at pools, the beach, and can also be worn casually. They are the most worn summer shoes in the world!

4. Colorful open-toe heels

Heels are a must all-year round, but I think open-toe heels are the best for summer because your foot is mostly out on the open so you wan’t over heat and because they look like sandals just with heels.

5. Casual strappy heeled sandals

I love these types of sandals for gong out with friends. They’re super cute and would be great for summer festivals!

6. Foot Bling!

I laughed out loud when I heard these were called toe thongs.. it makes sense when you think about it! I don’t know that  I’d personally wear these but I think that they are very cute and would be perfect for thebeacj!

So these are my summer shoe essentials! I hope you like it!:)

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