GlamGlow Supermud Mask Unboxing and Review!

Hey guys!

I’m super excited about tonight’s post! I will be reviewing Glamglow’s Super Mud mask! I’ve been doing a lot of research about this product because I am looking for a high quality mask to clear up my skin. Basically glamglow has taken everyone by their feet! So I wanted to see if this product was really as great as everyone says or if its another trend not worth splurging on.

The packaging is really beautiful and the box it is in is so sparkly and reflects light so beautifully! Here are some pictures of the packaging:

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Boxing Day Worth It or Not!?

Hey guys!

It’s your girl Kat and I wanted to start off this post by saying sorry for being MIA for the past 7 months… I will be making a whole new post about why this happened soon! I want to assure you guys that Im going to step back into posting regularly with beautiful pictures (took photography classes) and more helpful tips, ootd’s, and review (hint: GLAMGLOW Supermud! ) For now though I would like to talk about Boxing Day.

This is a bit of a different post than you are probably used to from me. Today I’m going to rant a bit… but not to worry my regular posts are coming back next week! So without further a do>>>

Q: In my opinion is boxing day worth it or not?

A: Today I went boxing day shopping with my girls and I will tell you immediately I was extremely disappointed! And I’m not above saying exactly which shops were the worst. So my day started out with waking up at 6:30 to get to the mall. My friends and I got there exactly when the mall opened and surprisingly the mall wasn’t extremely crowded, parking was basically full but it wasn’t much different than how the mall is on weekends. We went to Forever 21 first and spent around 30 min there… huge mistake! Everything was 21% off so I guess that wasn’t a bad deal but it definitely wasn’t anything great. I bought two sweaters from there(mainly because I had a gift card I wanted to get rid of).

We then decided to trek all the way across the mall to Lululemon because apparently last year they had great sales…well not so much this year. There were literally three racks with items that were priced around 20% off and of course by the time we got there everything in my or any of my friend’s sizes was gone. That’s where my biggest mistake was, we should have gone there before Forever 21. After that we went to a few other stores where all sales were honestly pretty bad.

One store that particularly upset me was Aerie. Their bras were $40 with 50% off whereas usually all year round their bras are $20.. so do the math. Its things like these that sales teams do on days like boxing, they try to trick us by inflating the prices and then slapping a huge discount on it. I mean this inst new news to anyone but still it made me quite upset.

The only good deals I found were at Abercromblie (jeans were only $44) and also Levis had 40% off their jeans which was great. Other than that most stores didn’t have any better prices than usual. Also if you buy more expensive clothes I noticed some good sales in those types of stores, for example Free People was having a 40% off entire store sale which is pretty damn good. Vince Camuto also had huge markdowns that were great.

So while there were a few things that you could buy for less, overall you can see why I was so bummed after shopping all day only to buy a few sweaters, a bra, and a ring. I think that boxing day does not make the prices more expensive or less honestly and personally I hate waking up early on my holiday days and pushing through crowds in a pushy crowd so for me this definitely was not worth it!

Congrats if you read this far!! And if you didn’t that’s ok I probably wouldn’t have either ūüėČ

I live in Toronto and I’d love to hear if you found any good deals here or anywhere else where you live.. maybe I just went to the wrong place! Comment below!!

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DIY Face Mask

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DIY Face Mask

Hey guys! Today I have a recipe for a DIY acne face mask. Although this mask is primarily for acne, it is also great for your skin in general so anyone can use it! Down below I have a slide show that will show you how everything looks and I will also be including instructions. It is a simple face mask; there are only a few ingredients and they each contain many vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and much more that is extremely beneficial to our skin. Enjoy having beautiful, clear, and smooth skin after using this face mask!


  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp yeast
  • 1 tsp milk

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  1. First pour in your yeast into the milk.
  2. Then place it anywhere in your house where there is sunlight and leave it there for 30 min. You will know that it has been enough time once the yeast/milk combo gets bubbly like the image above (in the slideshow).
  3.  Once the yeast is bubbly, pour the honey and yeast/ milk combo in the yogurt.
  4.  Stir it all together and apply on a clean face.
  5.  Leave the mask on your face for  15 min.
  6. ¬†Wash off and moisturize with any moisturizer. 


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Is Acetone Bad For you!?

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Is Acetone Bad for Your Nails?

  The answer is YES! I’ve always had really bad nails, they would break and chip all the time which made it really for me to keep a nice manicure. At first I thought my nails were weak because of bad nutrition, I thought maybe I wasn’t consuming enough dairy or vitamins. So I changed up my diet and nothing changed, so I thought maybe the problem was that my nail polishes were ruining my nails, after all nail polish does have a lot of chemicals and a toxic smell! I wasn’t going to give up painting my nails so I switched to organic nail polishes but my nails still remained the same.

It finally hit me that my nail polish remover was the problem when I was removing shellac and it left my fingers white and nails completely dry, rough, and broken. So I did my research and found out that acetone really is horrible for nails, so I switched to oil based removers and ever since then my nails are 100 times stronger!

I know acetone removes nail polish much easier than non-acetone nail polish removers but unfortunately it is such a strong solvent that it not only removes your nail polish but also much of the important natural oils on your nail bed. That dehydrates your nails causing them to break and chip much more. It is not recommended for regular use and especially not recommended for people with already dry nail beds (me)! Although I keep a bottle for occasional use, for those really tough colors (black and dark purple) and to remove shellac. Sadly non-acetone nail polish removers just won’t cut it for those.

Non-acetone use solvents that are much more gentle and usually contain some sort of moisturizer too to help with the dehydration problem. So if you have been having the same problems as I, I strongly suggest that you try using a non-acetone remover for a few weeks. Most brands come with both options and the price is pretty similar, so go on and try it out!

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Clinique Lipstick Dupe

John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray

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The Cutest Valentines Day Nail Art- Easy and Quick

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought I would share a few really cute nail art designs that are perfect for Valentines day whether you have big date plans with your loved one or if you have a night planned out with your couch and Netflix! Whatever your plans are, try out  one of these nail designs out, they are easy, quick, and really cute! Enjoy!

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John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray on Brown Hair Review

About a year ago, I had went to the hairdressers to ombre my hair. The hairdresser refused to use bleach on my hair so I ended up leaving the salon with a color I definitely did not want! Luckily there was a smooth transition so at least I didn’t have to worry about that! But I really hated the color so I was determined to find a cheap way to lighten¬† the color. I ended up purchasing the John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray even though the instructions strictly said the it was for natural blondes only and I was naturally a brunette… oh well it worked out. It was $14 at a Shopper’s Drug mart, so it was a tiny bit more expensive than some other hair lightening products, but I heard great things about i so I decided the extra few dollars were worth it, and it still cost way less than getting your hair done again by a professional. Continue reading

Wishlist – 2016

Hey guys, I think this is the first wishlist of the year and that makes me really excited! This wishlist is actually requested by a few of my friends because my birthday is coming up and apparently I’m hard to shop for. With that being said they wanted me to put together a list so that they can get a general idea of what I like (now). My style is kind of all over the place but this year I’m going for more sophisticated and intriguing styles but¬† they need to have a sense of casualty to them. So I know that’s really hard to come by but what I mean is that I’m looking for things with lots of cut- outs and things that are really casual but with a twist!

My Birthday Wishlist

38 CAD¬†–¬†

Topshop wrap shirt
30 CAD¬†–¬†
I really love this shirt because it is one of those shirts that are casual but with a twist!

Topshop high neck top
32 CAD¬†–¬†
Just  like the crop top above, this one has a really interesting shape to it and yet it could be paired with so many different things.

ADAM pants
1,105 CAD¬†–¬†
These are really outside my comfort zone but I know that they can be styled really nicely so I am going to push myself to try these out!

High waisted skinny jeans
35 CAD¬†–¬†

Lululemon sports bra
67 CAD¬†–¬†
I started working out, so I would love getting some cute sports wear- especially adorable sports bras!

Mini skirt
16 CAD¬†–¬†

Dorothy Perkins nude shoes
62 CAD¬†–¬†

Platform sandals
70 CAD¬†–¬†

Platform booties
41 CAD¬†–¬†

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather crossbody
310 CAD¬†–¬†

Anne Klein swarovski crystal jewelry
245 CAD¬†–¬†

Michael Kors pendants necklace
125 CAD¬†–¬†

River Island gold bangle
34 CAD¬†–¬†

Set ring

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick
48 CAD¬†–¬†
These are my ULTIMATE favorite lipsticks! They are pretty pricey but they are well worth it, trust me. I`m actually going to do a review on these lipsticks soon, so make sure to stay on the lookout for that!

Too Faced Cosmetics mascara
32 CAD¬†–¬†
I’ve heard such great things about the, “Better Than Sex” mascara so I would really love to try it out.

Smashbox lipstick
29 CAD¬†–¬†
This is my wishlist, comment on what you’d love to get for your birthday!

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