Quick drugstore everyday make-up tutorial! Simple and great for beginners!

Here is a quick and easy make-up tutorial that is great for going to school, work, or anywhere during the day! It’s really is easy and there are only a few steps so it is great for people that are in a rush or don’t like spending too much time doing their make-up. Also, all of the products are drugstore items so anyone can re-create this exact look!  Below is a collage highlighting the most important steps but if you need more detailed descriptions they will be below 🙂

First start off with a bare and clean face, so do whatever your face-care routine is in the morning and let’s get started!

I don’t like wearing lot’s of face makeup to school or when it’s warm so I will not be showing it in this tutorial, although if you prefer using foundation on a daily basis, apply it now. I just use concealer, so first I go in with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind- dark circle eraser. I use that under my eyes as you can see in the picture, I also use it on any pimples that are really red because I find that this concealer neutralizes color really well.

Now don’t blend right away, apply a second (more liquidy) concealer that has a different shade. I say this because the first concealer is very light and does cover under-eye circles but doesn’t blend in with the rest of my face, so by applying a darker concealer over I not only get my correct colour but my pimples get fully concealed. The second concealer I’m using is Covergirl+Olay : Eye Rehab, I like this one because it is really thick and covers well (almost looks like a foundation) but still feels light on your face.

Now blend the concealers. I like using my ring finger when I’m lazy or a beauty blender if I have more time. Once you finish that, set it with a powder.

The steps I don’t show are putting on mascara and eyeliner because everyone knows how to do this and has their own technique. For eyeliner I usually just do a straight line because a wing takes me too long and a nice affordable eyeliner is Wet n Wild : Coloricon brow and eyeliner in black black. I always change up mascaras depending on the day but in this tutorial I used the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. (And no, this post isn’t sponsored by Maybelline, I just like their products.) I also filled in my brows with the Elf eyebrow kit, a whole post on how I do my eyebrows will be coming up soon!

Lastly, choose any lipstick or lipgloss that you like ( in my case it’s NYC appleicious in Garnet Gala) and ta -da!! You are finished and ready to get on with your buisy day! (or just a lazy day) 😉

Makeup before and after

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