Whole Sale Buying Wishlist / Womens Fashion

Hey! Today I have a wishlist post from a site called Whole Sale Buying. It is a website similar to dresslink, it sells clothes for all genders and ages, accessories, shoes, home, electronics, you name it, they have it! The prices are also amazing! For clothes, I didn’t see anything that cost more than $20. And with thousands and thousands of beautiful items of clothing I’m sure you’ll find something you love! I was making this wishlist and couldn’t stop finding more and more things that I wanted, I think this is the longest wishlist I’ve ever done!

Girl Asymmetric Dovetail Chiffon Long Skirt Elastic Waist Band$4.84

I love chiffon skirts so much, they’re so flowy and light feeling! I’ve wanted a high-low skirt for a while now and when I saw this skirt I knew I needed it! The black waist band will cinch your waist and since the skirt is high-low it will hide the unflattering parts of your thighs and show the flaterring parts. This skirt is very flattering to any body type and can be dressed up or down whoch is why I think it is an essential! It also comes in many beautiful colors like navy blue, watermelon red, pink, black and more!

Women Fashion Sexy Casual Round Neck Sleeveless Backless Back Cross Strap Solid Irregular A-Line Dress


Again with the high-low, but you can see why I like it so much as I explained in the previous outfit. I thought this dress was super cute and casual. I love dresses because they are so easy to wear, just slip one on and you have a whole outfit finished!

Women Casual Loose 3/4 Sleeve Hollow Lace Crochet Patchwork Irregular Hem Solid Tops Blouse


If you haven’t noticed I love clothes that is casual but has a touch of elegance as well. The lace and cuts on this shirt transformed a plain shirt into something beautiful! This shirt comes in black or wine red and can be worn with literally anything, shorts, skirts, jeans, this style shirt goes with practically everything!


 I’ve talked about this before in another post but exposed shoulders are so sexy without exposing too much skin. The fabric, cut, and exposed shoulders make this shirt great for the summer!
I must say that this shirt reminds me a lot of halters that you can find in Brandy Melville and Pacsun. But its around 1/8 the cost! The quote is so adorable and halters are really in this season which makes me really want this cute tee!
I’ve wanted a sleeveless trench coat for the longest time and this one comes in apricot and khaki, two of the cutest colors for trench coats! Wear it with jeans, and plain tee, and heels for a super cute, chic, yet simple look.
Here in Canada it’s already starting to get cold so hoodies are a must! Which I why I have to stock up on cute hoodies like this one! The lace gives this hoodie a super cute look while keeping you super warm!
Latly I’ve been loving short dresses so when I saw this I couldn’t believe my luck. A shirt dress with exposed shoulders!? That gets double points in my book. Another great thing about this dress is that it comes in a size for everyone, it goes from medium to 5XL!
I hope you liked this wishlist, and make sure to check out this website for amazing finds!

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    • Oh then you must have a great sense of fashion! Haha I’m joking I believe everyone’s fashion sense is great… Mostly 😉.
      I love your post on how to get fuller lips, so helpful! And let me know if you find a nice sleeveless trench coat!


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