GlamGlow Supermud Mask Unboxing and Review!

Hey guys!

I’m super excited about tonight’s post! I will be reviewing Glamglow’s Super Mud mask! I’ve been doing a lot of research about this product because I am looking for a high quality mask to clear up my skin. Basically glamglow has taken everyone by their feet! So I wanted to see if this product was really as great as everyone says or if its another trend not worth splurging on.

The packaging is really beautiful and the box it is in is so sparkly and reflects light so beautifully! Here are some pictures of the packaging:

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My skin is extremely dry and I have acne….. I know it sucks:( Therefore I can’t use any strong acne treatments because it would completely dry out my skin so I went to Sephora and one of the workers gave me a sample because I wanted to try it out and see if it would dry out my skin.


My skin before the mask

As you can see I have quite a bit of acne and a variety of small pimples, blackheads (not visible in picture), and larger pimples that I really wanted to squeeze!

First I washed my face and got rid of all my makeup.

Then I used a foundation brush (pictured below) as I believe it is cleaner, easier to apply, and most importantly it saves product.

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I applied it all over my face and tried to concentrate it on my nose and forehead since those are my trouble areas. I also put very little on the sides of my face because my cheeks are extremely sensitive. The mask had a cooling sensation and starting stiffening almost immediately.

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In the slideshow above you can see the different stages of the face mask. It was stiffening and I definitely couldn’t smile or talk but surprisingly it wasn’t that uncomfortable. On the last few pictures you can really see the mask digging into the pores in all my trouble areas.


Around 15 min later I removed the mask by simply washing it off with warm water, it came off very easily and didn’t clump down my drain or make a big mess. I was extremely surprised to see that my cheeks survived and weren’t peeling at all, although when I looked closer my nose was peeling quite a bit but not nearly as bad as I thought it would. So overall this mask is not as drying as many reviews say. Although, many other people mentioned their face feeling extra soft and clean afterwards, mine didn’t feel any different.

At first I thought the mask didn’t do anything to my face but then I was looking through these pictures up close and noticed a few things. Firstly in one of the pictures (below) if you zoom in on my nose you can literally seem the pore gunk coming out! I do not know how I didn’t notice this IRL but the photo shows  it perfectly. Immediately after I saw very little difference in my acne.. it maybe got a little less red? I’m pretty sure there were no immediate differences but I am writing this a few hours after having put the mask off and I must say my acne is much less inflamed and the redness is almost gone!

Here is the before and after:

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If you zoom in one my nose here you can completely see my pores coming out (as well as some peeling)

In conclusion, this mask isn’t a miracle worker that made my pimples disappear immediately but there is significant improvement in redness and inflammation. So if you struggle with small concentrated usually inflamed acne like me I think this would be a good mask for you.I am going to purchase the full size because I decided to splurge on myself for the New Year but I recommend looking at the Murad collection for a similar mask at only $45. I was told by the worker at Sephora that it was as good if not better and is more budget friendly. (I didn’t get that sample because I felt bad asking her for another haha)

Hope you guys liked this review and feel free to ask if you have any questions! I’ll also make sure to keep you posted if any changes have occured in the following days.

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