Beach Basics!

So summer is just around the corner (for me) although in other countries I know people are already going to beach! This makes me extremely jealous but what can I do, unfortunately I can’t change the weather!  With my little ramble being said,  I’m going to show you guys a few of my beach essentials!

An adorable bathing suit!

This is something pretty obvious but I cannot stress how important it is to find a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in! Even if it is a bit out of your price range, I strongly suggest you spend a bit more if it means you will feel confident in it! Everyone has their own personal body issues ( for me it’s my small chest) but don’t worry because I have you covered. For a small chest click here, big chest here,  for tummy issues here, if you  have no curves here, and for affordable bathing suit sites here!


I love sunglasses so much that last year I had a white line on my nose from where my sunglasses were because I tanned everywhere except there! Although, this year someone brought to my attention that if you don’t buy good quality sunglasses, the lenses may actually be ruining your vision! So unfortunately, I think that most of those cute sunglasses from stores like Forever 21 or H and M aren’t the best for all day wear.

Cute Coverups

I love coverups even more than bathing suits, this is because with coverups you can highlight your best features and hide your worst! Here are a few of my favorite coverups!


Last year I really wanted to tan so I put on almost no sunscreen while I was on vacation in Mexico. I know, I’m an idiot! I never really understood how strong the U.V rays really are until I returned home with a bunch of brown spots on my legs. To this day I m still not certain what they were but I think that they were sun spots. Most have disappeared (there are still a few left) but it has taught me a lesson that I will never forget!

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