How to Style Comfy Sweaters! Part 2

Hey guys I hoped you liked Part 1 of this post, this is basically a continuation of that post, I hope you like it!

I don’t know about you, but I certainly have many many days where I wake up in the morning and all I feel is cold. It makes me not want to get out of bed or do anything! Then the thought of putting on a tight or revealing (basically uncomfortable) top to look fashionable makes me feel sick. All i want to do is not wear a bra, be warm and comfortable but still look presentable. On these days my huge comfy and fuzzy sweaters come in handy! I’ve had an obsession with sweaters lately and now they won’t fit in my closet anymore, whoops! Anyways here are a few different ways to style comfy sweaters without looking like you completely gave up on life ( even though you may feel that way inside) ;).

This post is going to made up of several different ootd looks put together but I will also give tips on ideas how to make theses outfits not so boring. You’ll see that they are all very simple, warm, and most importantly comfortable! If you want to see pictures of all my comfy sweaters, keep a look out for my Sweater Collection post coming up very soon!


In this first outfit I am modeling a sweater vest. I find sweter vests to be really cute to make a rgular outfit into something a little bit more polished and business like. I paired it with my leather watch and tight black jeans. I decided to finish the outfit with black riding boots so that I can have a completely black bottom to not take away from the sweater vest and green blouse ensemble.


I will be honest with you guys… I haven’t worn this sweater in a long time. This is because this yellowish-green color is very out of my comfort zone! But I made it my mission to create an outfit with this sweater that I would be willing to wear out, and not only did I complete the mission, but I actually love this outfit and it has become one of my staples! For anyone who has a sweater similar to this that is out of their comfort zone, I suggest you wear it and make that the statement piece of your outfit. This means the rest of your outfit should take to toning down the outfit a notch. In my outfit I paired this bright sweater with a dark wash jean and black uggs, about as simple as it gets! I accessorized this sweater with a turquoise necklace to take full advantage of the colors but depending on your own sweater you may just want to go accessory less.img_3488

This is definitely my coziest sweater, it’s made up of the softest material and is a turtle neck, perfect for those freezing days! To keep myself from dressing like my grandpa though, I paired the sweater with a light wash jean and trendy ankle boots to bring some chic into the outfit instead of just a cozy grandpa look! This way I’m extremely comfortable and warm but I look much more put together just because of the shoes! cozy-sweater-brown

This would probably be my favourite outfit. Here I am wearing it in the spring time but you can easliy make a few changes to it to make the outfit warmer. Simply unroll the jeans or if you have cufed jeans wear a pair of nice socks over to make a statement and keep your ankles and shins warm, a great example of this is roots wool socks. Also, I wold swap out this green jacket for my winter jacket and voila a winter outfit has formed!

I hope you guys liked these winter looks, watch out for a review on the Glamglow Super mud coming up in the following week!

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7 thoughts on “How to Style Comfy Sweaters! Part 2

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  2. you are quite lovely in all of these looks! Please do not feel you must wear tight and revealing clothing. If you really want to do so, that is different, but feel compelled, instead, to wear what YOU want to wear.

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