Last Minutes New Years Outfits Ideas and Inspo

Are you guys excited for New Years?! I know I am, even though I still don’t have any plans haha. But for those of you planning to go to a New Years party and need a last min outfit, here are some ideas!

Right from your closet:

This outfit isn’t as glamorous and sparkly as some may want when going out for New Years but I personally love this outfit! It is an especially great outfit if you are planning to go to a family or close friends party (not clubbing or a crazy rave party).


As you can see this is a great last minute party outfit. It is a black bodycon sweater dress which contours the body amazingly because it is a thick material so it doesn’t make you look too tight or show anything you don’t want to be seen but at the same time it highlights your curves. Also the high neck gives you an appearance of really big boobs even if you are flat chested! Just add on some jewelry ( I went with a gold layered necklace and gold statement watch) and pair it with any shoes. I chose chunky black booties to add some edge but virtually any pair of shoes will go well with this outfit. I didn’t have a fur coat, but if you do this would the perfect outfit to pair it with, so for extra spumf add some fur!


New Years
This outfit is also relatively simple. The statement piece is the suede dress with a cute gold choker. I added on a bunch of other matching jewelry and a leather jacket and cut out shoes. Lastly, I added a YSL clutch with gold detailing to tie in the black and gold. Here I had a black, gold, and burgundy color scheme but if you have a different suede dress just start from there and accessorize as you wish!


Of course I needed one outfit with sparkles! As you can see I start each outfit with a statement piece and then I build from there. Since a sparkly skirt is really out there I tried toning the outfit down with other neutral color and little jewelry but prominent makeup.
Here are few more polyvore sets I made in the past:
Hope you liked this and I hope you have a Great New Year!

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