Hey guys! Today I have a special post for you guys! Its all about VEGAS! It’s 3 posts all put into 1 post!  I created 5 outfits, two for the nighttime and three for the day time. I’m also going to be giving some tips so make sure to also read the info below the pictures! Let’s start with the day outfits first:
I made the first look a bit more sophisticated and fancy, but still comfortable for doing various things like sightseeing or shopping. By adding the bucket bag, beautiful tan floppy hat, and casual sunglasses I made the look very classy chic, which is one of my favorite styles. The second look is a bit more edgy and casual. The statement piece would be the bodycon skirt but then I made it more casual by tucking in a loose graphic tee and adding cute but simple accessories all in black. The gladiator shoes are really comfortable for walking all day and the black leather backpack is great because you can fit a ton of stuff in it but still look really cute! Next up, a night outfit:
For a night out in vegas, I think a patterned body-con dress is great. For this outfit I chose a stunning black and gold dress and then toned it down a bit by making all the accessories black although kept it tied into the gold theme by finding black accesories which have a bit of gold on them as well (example, the gold crown on the clutch). To top the look I added a cape jacket because i think those are really cute, and would be really form fitting combined with the body-con dress. Since the dress is so tight and the cape is so lose, it will make your legs look really thin! I saved the best for last, an outfit that can transition from day to night:

For this I decided to use a romper once again because like I said before they are really comfy and versatile. For the day outfit I paired the romper with white keds (which are great for walk for long periods of time) and cute white purse which has black and gold detailing as well (I think you can tell that my color theme for both outfits is black gold and white). I thought it was really important to choose white shoes and a purse because for during the day I don’t like being dressed too dark (especially on those really hot days!) I kept the jewelry very casual, cute, an din the color theme colors and then topped it off with a black floppy hat because it’s great to protect you from the sun and is just that cute! For the night I kept the romper then paired it with white heels and a clutch with a really cool texture. By having the diagonal stripes on the purse and vertical lines on the romper, it creates a very aesthetically appealing look to it. As for the accessories I went with a “rock” theme while staying in my color scheme. I love the necklace because it is the perfect length for the deep v-neck of the romper. Since this is such a chic edgy look, I thought it would look great with mildly messy mid ponytail and the leather hair accessory (just like in the picture above).

I hope guys had as much fun reading this as I had writing this! If you’d like to see where any of these items are check on my polyvore.

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