Heatless Curls, overnight, quick, and simple!

I know everyone hates getting up extra early to curl or straighten their hair, but unfortunately that’s how we make our hair look so good! But not only does the curling make us get less sleep, but it also ruins our hair! Which is why heatless curls are lifesavers! Here is quick and easy way to get curls overnight without using any heat at all!

heatless curlsSupplies:
-hair elastics

The Steps
1. Brush out your DAMP hair ( this is great for after a shower).
2. Once you’ve fully de-knotted your hair, separate about a one inch section of hair.
3. Fold the piece about 1/3 of the length of it ( refer to pictures above).
4. Fold that over again, now your strand is 2/3s up your head.
5. Now tie it with any elastic of your choice.
6. Repeat all steps until all  your hair is tied in these strands, you may want to do your bangs separately with a smaller elastic.

overnight heatless curlsAfter sleeping like this and adding some of my favorite oil ( use any such as Moroccan oil) and my curls turned out like this! Voilà! Hope this turns out great for you too!

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