The Guide to Leather Backpacks for School

For many years in the past and surely for many years to come, leather is a material that has been used in the fashion industry time and time again. And it’s no surprise why, leather is a one of a kind material. It is natural and is extremely strong and durable, not to mention stylish! Which makes leather an ideal pick for a backpack that you’ll be using almost everyday!

Like most other students, I’ve been sporting regular nylon backpacks (basically anything I could find in Staples). Nylon is more light weight, which is definitely an advantage but my bags would rarely last me a full year. Either they would rip, get extremely dirty, or simply go out of style! I’ve had a few backpacks that ripped after only a few months and I would have to buy a new one. One year I had a light blue Jansport backpack that went from blue to almost grey because of how dirty I got it from taking it to school everyday. Also, just think about all the different designs and patterns Jansport comes out with each year, these backpacks go out of style very quickly!

Leather on the other hand is an extremely durable material that can last up to 20 years with just a little bit of care, its as simple as occasionally using a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. Also, leather backpacks don’t go out of style, as leather is a fashion staple. Its actually the contrary, the more you wear it, the more it becomes soft and customized with a unique texture and pattern.

One reason why I haven’t thought about owning a leather backpack for school up until now is because I thought that the material is too stiff and heavy and would not be flexible or large enough be able to carry all my school supplies. It turns out that there are actually many leather backpacks that can hold a lot, and even if they seem a bit stiff at first, they will soften as you use them. Here is an interesting blog post specifically about leather backpacks for school.

So you like the idea of owning a leather backpack but not so much the price….

This is one of the main reasons why I haven’t bought a leather backpack earlier but I am changing my way of shopping to buying less quantity but better quality. It’s the same as what happens with all our closets, they are full yet we still claim to have nothing to wear that we like! Well that’s because we haven’t been thinking much about the long term, by investing in a leather backpack you will be happy with the same  beautiful backpack for years to come instead of ending up with 5 damaged backpacks (true story). If I had bought a good quality leather backpack in the beginning of high school, I actually would’ve saved money in the long run because I only bought 1 backpack instead of purchasing a new one each year. Not only is it a great investment, but leather bags are also becoming more affordable.

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Today I have several pictures that I took  a few weeks ago, in one of my favorite Fall outfits! I actually saw an outfit really similar to this on an ad  in American Eagle and I really loved how the soft pink/beige jeans looked with a chambray shirt so I decided to recreate the outfit, with a few changes of course;) I hope you  like it! Details below.

Jeans: American Eagle|||Chambray Shirt:Levi’s|||Tank top: Gift (any flowy cream tank top would work with this outfit)||| Shoes: Market in Greece (similar here)

It would be great if you guys could let me know if you like my pictures displayed like this, or larger and individually like my ootd posts are usually. I really appreciate all the comments and feedback 🙂

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Worst Fashion Trends from the 21st Century

Hey guys! Today I have a fun little post about fashion trends that I disliked most in the 20th century! I want to start off with a disclaimer, I do not mean to offend anyone! So if you still like or sport one of these trends please do not be offended, these are simply my own opinions. As I’ve said before, everyone has their own sense of style, one person may hate what one is wearing while someone else might love it. So please just keep that in mind, these are the worst trends in MY opinion. Ok, with that said, lets get started!

1.Sheer Tops

worst fashion trends sheer top

I never really understood sheer tops, I mean what is the point of showing your whole bra? Or showing your skin except tinted? I know many places found this very inappropriate and viewed it the same as wearing nothing at all! If you think about it, you really are exposing everything except there is thin piece off cloth over you! Is the point of it to go topless but to be warm while doing it? I guess i’ll never know.

2. Sneakerwedges

worst fashion trends sneakerwedges

This is another thing that gets me mind-boggled, why put wedges into sneakers!? Sneakers are supposed to be casual, comfy, and most importantly COMFORTABLE! You are supposed to be able to run in them if need be, these wedges ruined the whole purpose of sneakers. If you really want wedges, then wear real wedges, they are so much nicer! And also, even though the wedge is “hidden”, everyone knows it’s there, it is so obvious!

3. Bell Bottoms

worst trends bell bottoms

Now, I’m aware many will not agree with this one but honestly, I hate bell bottoms. Don’t get me wrong boot cut is okay, and other jeans that are a bit wider than your ankles are great as they make your legs look slimmer. But honestly, when the circumference of the bottom of your jeans is big enough to fit both legs through, there is a problem! Yes, these will make you seem as though you have slimmer legs, but it will also swallow you up!

4. Crocs

worst trends crocs

Well there’s not much to say about crocs… everyone now is wondering how they even became a trend in the first place. I mean they are great for gardening and we also bring them to hotels as slippers, so I guess that’s a plus?

5.Shutter Shades
worst trends shutter shades

Do you remember seeing these everywhere? I remember seeing these at every single vendor on the street! I even saw people wearing them and I know I really wanted them because they just seemed so cool. Well now looking back, I’m wondering what was wrong with me! I mean they are great for children to play with and call their glasses without being worried the the glass will shatter or something else but not for anything else. I wish I could go back in time and ask the people I saw wearing these glasses why they have them? I mean what is their use? They don’t protect from the sun and they definitely don’t look good, so why?

Comment if you can remember another trend that now looking back you hate!

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Spring Trends 2015 (hair, makeup, nails, fashion)

I’m so happy to be able to finally put my winter coat away! The birds are chirping and the sun is up when I wake up and stays up until late in the evening. Spring personally lifts my spirits up so  much! I couldn’t wait to write this post, because as I’m sure all beauty and fashion bloggers know, as a new season rolls in, so do new trends! I’d like to give creds to as all the pictures in this post are from there and I got most of my ideas from there as well!


Miroslava Duma in Valentino

Natalie Joos

 All Red Outfits:

Red has always been a classic but never quite to this extent, all red outfits are more and more common. So if you are daring enough, I dare you to try it one day.

Shirt dresses:

Shirt dresses have caught on because they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down so easily. They also look very cure and are very form flattering. They manage to make everyone appear slimmer than they actually are.