Casual Spring Outfits (ootd)

Casual Spring Outfits (ootd)
Hey guys!
So sorry for not posting on Friday, but I was so caught up with school that I really didn’t have the time! Hopefully, it won’t happen again because I am planning on stocking up on posts so that I always have a back-up one, in case I don’t have time to write a fresh one. Anyways here are two very different but very cute spring outfits!
B.T.W. The set’s background got a little messed, I’m not sure what happened but I couldn’t fix it.

Crop tank
14 CAD –
This crop top is super flattering because it’s cropped but not to cropped, you know what I mean? Also, the mesh is a great way to show skin but not too much while looking really sexy.

Gypsy crop top
19 CAD –
This crop top is super cute and great for spring. It is so romantic and reminds me a bit of a thing a hippie would wear. It’s definitely boho chic. Paired with the boyfriend jeans and nude wedges below would create the ultimate romantic/casual/chic look.

Genetic Denim ripped jeans
340 CAD –
I’ve wanted boyfriend jeans for a really long time and these are exactly what I had in mind.  This color and the rips look so cute together! I’m not sure if they are high waisted or not, but if they are then that’s even better, if only they were $34 instead of $340…

Petite skinny pants
48 CAD –
Army green trousers, cargo pants, or joggers are a definite must have for this season. They look so great with casual shirts but they also look great with crop tops, which is why I love them! Pair these with the black crop top above and the heels below for the ultimate chic and edgy look that can be worn during the night or day.

Yves Saint Laurent leather shoes
1,005 CAD –
These heels look amazing with skirts and dresses, but I mostly love them with skinny jeans.

14th & Union open toe wedge sandals
63 CAD –
Nude shoes are one of my favorite colors for shoes, although I’m not sure why. Anyways they are best worn with jeans and shorts. Especially the boyfriend jeans above ^^^^

MICHAEL Michael Kors handle bag
455 CAD –
This bag will go with pretty much anything and make any outfit look so chic and casual at the same time.

Topshop wool hat
61 CAD –
I’m in love with floppy hats!

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
45 CAD –
xoxo, Kat
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Five 2015 Runway trends that can be incorporated in your daily outfits to look like a model anyday.

Love this dress!

Loving this dress!

So who doesn’t want to look like a model? Or at least dress like one? I think all of us do, which is why I found 5 trends that are on the runway now that you can rock on a daily basis without effort. For most of these trends you will already have the needed items in your closet, guaranteed!

1) Bare Shoulders: I especially love this trend because it is great for flat chested people (like myself) to expose skin and feel very sexy. Unlike exposing the chest area (where some may have an advantage over some others) , everyone has shoulders! It’s also a great way of being elegant and sexy, when exposing skin many people look trashy, but with the shoulder you’ll always look elegant. So come on, whether it’s off-the shoulder, one-shoulder or any other variation, let’s show some shoulders! Out-of-Ordinary-Animal-Prints2) Daring animal prints: I’m not talking about cheetah or leopard prints, I’m talking peacocks, jelly-fish, scorpions, and pretty much any other random animal that has a cool print. This is a great way to step out of your comfort zone while still being subtle. If you already wear cheetah prints all the time, changing up the print will be refreshing!

3) High Neck-line: I really feel like designers high neckline dressare starting to make their designs more and more for flat chested people! I love high-neck lines as they are great for flat chested people and I love styling them with necklaces! I feel like it’s a clean sheet of paper where I can put any necklace I want and not have to worry about the neckline! You”ll find a shirt with a high neckline in your closet for sure so go find it and head out with the confidence of a model! Runway Model

4) Safari: I feel like this trend has been slowly growing and growing ( starting with cargo pants) and now it’s at its’ peak. I’m glad because I’m loving the faded out colors and love that cargo pants are going to stay for a while longer.

5) Bold stripes: Go to your closet right now and find a top with stripes! Seriously, stripes (especially bold stripes) are all over the runway! Stripes are great for casual looks, so let’s bring on the stripes!

The middle outfit is especially easy to recreate

The middle look is especially easy to re-create 🙂

Hope you  are ready to feel like a model everyday,



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Why I’m not chopping my hair

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Why I’m not chopping my hair!

It seems as if every one is taking the plunge (hair – wise). Last week, even Kim Kardasien decided to cut her signature locks for a much shorter hair style. Here are a few reasons of why many people are following the trend but really those reasons aren’t as good as many might think. “For every pro, there is also a con.”  This is why I am not getting a lob myself.

Split ends: My hair has soo many split ends so the idea of chopping them all off seems very pleasing, this is one of the main reasons why I was debating cutting my hair. But then I thought more about it and realized that by the time my hair grew out again I would have lot’s of split ends again! Or even worse, I would get split ends on my already short hair, what’s next, a pixie cut?

Growing my hair out: Everyone says, “Hair grows back.” Well, yea but how long will it take for it to grow back? Even of you had hair which grew very fast, it would still take over a year to have it fully grown out! I’ve been stuck in the mid-length stage for so long and I’m so long to finally passing that stage. Frankly, the idea of starting the whole process again makes me sick.


Looks amazing, but how long will this trend last?

It looks sexy and fresh: I agree that short hairstyles and the “lob” especially are very attractive, but long hair is equally as attractive. It depends on what the person likes. Just a few months ago, long hair voluminous hair was the big thing. Obviously, trends change all the time and I personally don’t think that short hair will be “in” for long, so it’s better to keep your hair long because it is much easier to cut off your hair the grow it back again. I love this picture! I mean look at this hair!

It costs less to maintain: I’ve heard people write about how it was going to save them loads of money that they waist on shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products. But in all honesty, that is a load of BS! You use shampoo and most hair products in your roots, so you’ll end up using the same amount as you would have used with long hair. The only thing that you may save money on, is getting highlights or dyeing your hair. But even for that most people don’t charge according to length…

Less maintenance generally: Styling your hair in the morning would take a lot longer with short hair than long hair. Just because you cannot get away with as many things. If there are a few hairs out of place it will be visible whereas with long hair it would all just blend together. Because of this, you will need to use heat tools more often thus going back to the split end section. I hope I haven’t offended anyone, these are just my personal thoughts/opinions. I love the look of short hair but I wanted to show you guys that it isn’t as black and white as it seems. This sounds funny, but hair for girls is a serious thing and I’ve had too many bad haircuts so hopefully I’ve spared some of you from taking the plunge and then regretting it! If you still want to cut off your hair, at least try to donate it to charity 🙂 Remember to follow via FB, Instagram, Twitter, anything you can think of! Username for everything is osovogue with the exception of instagram which is: o_so_vogue Also make sure to like, comment, and share, it means a lot! Love y’all, xoxo Kat Pic from: