Boxing Day Worth It or Not!?

Hey guys!

It’s your girl Kat and I wanted to start off this post by saying sorry for being MIA for the past 7 months… I will be making a whole new post about why this happened soon! I want to assure you guys that Im going to step back into posting regularly with beautiful pictures (took photography classes) and more helpful tips, ootd’s, and review (hint: GLAMGLOW Supermud! ) For now though I would like to talk about Boxing Day.

This is a bit of a different post than you are probably used to from me. Today I’m going to rant a bit… but not to worry my regular posts are coming back next week! So without further a do>>>

Q: In my opinion is boxing day worth it or not?

A: Today I went boxing day shopping with my girls and I will tell you immediately I was extremely disappointed! And I’m not above saying exactly which shops were the worst. So my day started out with waking up at 6:30 to get to the mall. My friends and I got there exactly when the mall opened and surprisingly the mall wasn’t extremely crowded, parking was basically full but it wasn’t much different than how the mall is on weekends. We went to Forever 21 first and spent around 30 min there… huge mistake! Everything was 21% off so I guess that wasn’t a bad deal but it definitely wasn’t anything great. I bought two sweaters from there(mainly because I had a gift card I wanted to get rid of).

We then decided to trek all the way across the mall to Lululemon because apparently last year they had great sales…well not so much this year. There were literally three racks with items that were priced around 20% off and of course by the time we got there everything in my or any of my friend’s sizes was gone. That’s where my biggest mistake was, we should have gone there before Forever 21. After that we went to a few other stores where all sales were honestly pretty bad.

One store that particularly upset me was Aerie. Their bras were $40 with 50% off whereas usually all year round their bras are $20.. so do the math. Its things like these that sales teams do on days like boxing, they try to trick us by inflating the prices and then slapping a huge discount on it. I mean this inst new news to anyone but still it made me quite upset.

The only good deals I found were at Abercromblie (jeans were only $44) and also Levis had 40% off their jeans which was great. Other than that most stores didn’t have any better prices than usual. Also if you buy more expensive clothes I noticed some good sales in those types of stores, for example Free People was having a 40% off entire store sale which is pretty damn good. Vince Camuto also had huge markdowns that were great.

So while there were a few things that you could buy for less, overall you can see why I was so bummed after shopping all day only to buy a few sweaters, a bra, and a ring. I think that boxing day does not make the prices more expensive or less honestly and personally I hate waking up early on my holiday days and pushing through crowds in a pushy crowd so for me this definitely was not worth it!

Congrats if you read this far!! And if you didn’t that’s ok I probably wouldn’t have either 😉

I live in Toronto and I’d love to hear if you found any good deals here or anywhere else where you live.. maybe I just went to the wrong place! Comment below!!

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Fall Jacket Essentials

With all the leaves starting to change color and rain pouring as randomly as it does in tropical places like Cube, I think it is safe to say  that Fall has officially come to stay. I know many people love Fall because it still isn’t too cold but its also not scorching hot weather like in the summer time, and because with all the color change it is really beautiful. So as my first Fall post, I will show you which jackets I think are essential for Fall!

Fall Jackets

1.Jean Jacket

Every girl loves denim, and denim jackets are definitely no exception. Denim jackets are way warmer then they seem, plus they give off a really cute and young vibe. Also, please don’t wear a denim jacket with other denim unless you are intentionally going for the denim on denim look!

2. Sweater Weather

So this coat isn’t really a sweater but it feels like one and everyone knows how comfy sweaters are, so imagine how comfy something that looks like a jacket yet feels like a sweater is? Not to mention that it’s super cute and the is super form fitting because of the belt at the waistline.

3. Trench Coat Vest

If you follow my blog, then you know how I’ve been obsessing over these quite some time now… and well there isn’t too much to say except look how chic it is!

4. Blazer

Blazers are amazing especially for work, they add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit. For example, jeans and a blouse look nice but quite plain now just throw any blazer on top and you have a outfit that looks so much more professional and put together.

5. Leather Jacket

Ahhh, the piece of clothing that will probably never go out of style! And make sure to invest on a leather jacket because they are here to stay and will last you a while.

6. Trench coat

I think an army green or khaki trench coat is an absolute must-have! They can be worn with literally anything, are form fitting, and are comfy! I don’t know about you but that is just about everything I need when I’m looking for jackets.

For details on the jackets above, click here.

P.S. Giveaway coming up soon..stay tuned!

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How to turn your bridesmaid dress into an everyday outfit

Being a bridesmaid is great, but like the bride, you are usually left with dress or jumpsuit that is too elegant to wear anywhere else! Today I will give some tips on how you can wear your bridesmaid dress to work (assuming you work in a bank, cubicle, or anywhere where people dress “buisnessy.” A construction place probably isn’t the best place for this outfit…)! I will also show you how I a styled a beautiful Eva Franco jumpsuit that I found on These tips apply jumpsuits and dresses.

How to turn your bridesmaid outfit into an everyday outfit.

For work:

Tip #1: The one thing that almost all businesswomen own is an essential to achieve this look, a blazer! To me, blazers are the classic businesswomen item and a must-have. I love them because they can completely change the look of a outfit. Depending on how they are styled they can make an outfit look more elegant or casual. In this case, the blazer made the jumpsuit more casual and gave it a business vibe. If your dress starts flowing down right underneath your chest or if your jumpsuit is high-waisted (like in the picture) then I suggest a cropped blazer like the ones in the picture.

Tip #2: Change up the colors for a more modern and edgy feel. When we think of bridesmaids dresses we usually think of warm and neutral or one colored dresses, which is why we do the opposite,  we aren’t supposed to blend into the background (like bridesmaid are supposed to), today is our day, we want to stand out! Add strong colors that match your dress, I chose a red or black cropped blazer to go with this jumpsuit.

Tip #3:If possible, do not match your blazer and shoes. As you can see in the photo, one of my “business” outfits include black pumps and a red blazer, and the other outfit has a black blazer and red pumps. In other words add color variation, because like I said before, today we do not want to blend in! If you like matching your shoes with your tops, then read tip #4!

Tip #4: For all you people that have a need to color synchronize your shoes to another part of your outfit, then please match your shoes to your purse! I find that that brings a look together without being overwhelming to look at.

Tip #5: Stay clear of very elegant jewelry. Wear abstract bracelets, big chunky earrings, and lots of rings! You can do this in whichever color matches the rest of your outfit best (in the outfit above it was all gold). Also, feel free to add a necklace, I only didn’t because the top of this jumpsuit already has a pattern and I didn’t want to make anything clash.

Tip #6: Your purse should be big and a dark solid color. Pretty much, we are doing everything opposite to what a bridesmaid would do.

How I styled the jumpsuit for a bridesmaid:

I fell in love with this jumpsuit the second I saw it! When I think of a bridesmaid, I think of warm and light colors which is why I paired it with nude with a tint of pink heels. After the heels I found that beautiful elegant clutch and knew I had to add it! All the different colors and textures on the clutch really made this look special! It added color and subtle yet strong way! After finding the clutch, I based most of my jewelery on it, I found a beautiful purple and gold bracelet and then added on more gold bangles (these bangles had some pink on it). Since the bracelets were the same colors as the clutch it added an even more of a “pop”. Once again I added lots of rings and lastly, I added the most beautiful gold and pearl earrings.

Tip #1: When going for a overall neutral outfit but still want some “pop”, then chose one item to stand out like your shoes or purse ( like in this case).

Tip #2: Match your jewelery to your bag. I love doing this as it gives your outfit a very neat and elegant feel. I did this in this set with the clutch and the different colored bracelets!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and loved this jumpsuit as much as I did!

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Bought Shoes too big? Find out how to make them fit!

Did you ever order shoes online? Or were in hurry and didn’t have time to try on a pair of shoes? Or your shoes magically got bigger than they were in the store? Well here is a quick way to get them to fit like a glove!

     If your shoes are closed:black heels Like these ——————>

Stuff cotton balls in the tip of your shoes. You can find the perfect fit with this method which is why it is my favorite way. It’s also really comfy!

If you have open-toe shoes:

Use rubber soles. You can find a variety of rubber soles to stick into your shoes for added comfort, and to make your smaller. You can find some really cheap ones online or you can pick some up at any department or shoes store. I recommend the ones from Payless Shoes, they make your shoes so much comfier than they were originally.

If you are in a hurry, you can grab the soles in your sneakers and cut them to fit your hell or other shoes. Those should work as well for a temporary solution.

I recently bought a pair of wedges that were way too big for my foot and this is how I made mine fit, I hope this helps you as well!

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1 Tip That Will Keep You Warm During Winter

For me, this isn’t really a trick or tip, this is something that I just grew up with. I never really thought much about it until I realized that none of my friends did this and I was always a lot warmer than them. This tip is extremely simple and obvious so may have thought of it already, but in case you haven’t here is the tip: Wear an undershirt! Okay, I know some of you are thinking that it is stupid and uncomfortable to wear another layer. But undershirts are skin tight so they aren’t visible when you wear them under your shirt, hence the name undershirt. Here are the pros to wearing an undershirt in the wintertime:

• since they are skin tight they trap air in and keep you warm throughout the day

• if you are like me, that’s means you hate when you lift your arms when you are outside and all the cold air rushes in your jacket, and the part of uncovered skin freezes. Well the undershirt will insure that your whole torso will be covered

• If you are at someone’s house and get hot all of a sudden because of your sweater, you can always take off your sweater and chill in your undershirt ( which is really just a spaghetti strapped tank top)

This tip may not seem the best but I guarantee that you will love this if you give it a chance.

2015/01/img_0587.jpgHere is pic of what undershirts generally look like ^^^^