OOTD : 4/25/2016

Hey guys! Once again, I have another really simple ootd with a leather jacket! Don’t worry, I promise to change it up a bit next week ūüėČ Although honestly, I’ve really been loving leather jackets for this weather! They are perfect for the (around) 10 degrees weather when its also a bit windy. This jacket is from Danier, and I strongly suggest you go to the store asap because they just went bankrupt! This sucks for the company, but for us that means huge sales! Everything must go so most things are up to 70% off! Of course, I have horrible luck, so I bought my jacket one week before they declared bankruptcy and paid full price ūüė¶ I hope you guys have better luck and snag up a really good deal! More outfit details below!

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Jacket: Danier ||| Shirt: Reitmans ||| Jeans: Costa Blanca ||| Shoes: Ivanka Trump ||| Watch: Swagen |||Necklace: Unkown (simple gold chain with flower pendant)

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Spring 2016 Trends

Spring has finally come! SO today I wanted to share some of the newest trends on the runways, so¬† you can be ahead of the crowd! If you don’t want to go as all out as some of these runway looks, you can always do it in a more subtle way, for some pictures I’ll explain how. For more runway looks you incorporate in your daily style, click here.


Suede isn’t really a new trend, its been around for the past few seasons, but it still isn’t going anywhere! Especially since festival season is coming up! (Did anyone go to Coachella? Comment Below!)

White shirts

The shirt above is a bit extreme but nonetheless white statement shirts are trending now (then again, when were they not!) I love the runway designers have made this a trend because everyday people can really rock it too!

Spanish Inspired

Proenza Schouler, Diane von  Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Jonathan Simkhai, and Peter Copping for Oscar de la Renta: All 5 designers (and more!) incorporated hints of Spanish culture into their collections, from bold red hues to toreador-esque flourishes.

Thin Pleats

I know what you’re thinking! But no, thick school girl pleats are not back. Instead, designers made very thin and close together pleats-creating a much more elegant look. Almost like regular skirts except with a bit more texture.

Paper bag bottoms

I really love the paper bag waist, this is because it’s very flattering on the body, the pants are usually very comfortable because the bottoms are loose, and they are a lot more unique than other waists that you see on most other trousers and skirts.


Honestly, I never really liked the net trend. For some reason shirts with holes just didn’t cut it for me! But major designers such as Emillio Pucci (above) and Alexander Wang are really making me re-think it!

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Spring Must-Haves

Hey guys! Today I have a post about Spring Must- Haves that I selected from the website, Spring. Spring is a website that sells all sorts of clothes for all genders, they are not their own brand but instead they sell a bunch of different brands. When you look below, I’m sure you will come across some brands you already know and love!


Marigot: Lurin Short Pajama set

I thought this pajama was really cute! The reason I think it’s a spring must-have is because the top is long-sleeved and the bottoms are shorts. Since Spring weather is kinda bipolar I like to be prepared for everything so this pajama set is great for the warmer and colder spring days!

Urban Outfitters: Without Walls Crisscross legging

Cut-outs are a big thing once again this season. These leggings are so adorbale but they are also really great for working out! Because of the cutouts on the side, your legs will be able to breathe easily yet you will also be covered where most of your insecurities might be!

DSTLD: Ripped High Waisted Skinny Jeans

I’ve been telling myself to but a pair of high waisted skinny jeans for over a year now! They are expensive but jeans are honestly the best clothing investment because you can wear them year round! The reason I like high waisted jeans is because you can wear really cute crop tops without actually showing too much (or any) skin.

Celine High Neck in White Perforated Perfection (1 piece)

I might be getting ahead of myself as it is snowing here right win but I really love this bikini so I had to include it! Let me just say that it is amazing for those in the itty bitty titty community ūüôā

Track Pant Silky Blue Black

I often find Spring to be too cold for shorts so when I don’t want to wear jeans I opt for these types of pants. They are loose and are as comfortable as sweatpants except they look way nicer and can be made to look extremely chic with the right top and accessories. Because they are loose and usually made out of a thinner fabric, they will allow air circulation and will let your legs feel¬† warm but not too warm.


I have seen this jacket everywhere! It’s a great transitional jacket that would go great with the pants above (and almost anything else)!

Urban Outfitters: Ecote Cooper Off-The-Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder tops are really trending now and I’m not surprised! They look a bit elegant and laid back at the same time. They are also a great way to expose skin without being too revealing or if crop tops aren’t your thing.

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Favorite Oscars Dresses

Winter Hacks

OOTD – Winter 2016

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Summer Nail Inspos That You Can Do At Home

After a very long winter, summer is finally here! Although here in Toronto it really doesn`t look like it… eiither way it is summer and that means more time for beautiful nail designs! Since I`ve gotten so many positive reviews about my last nail post, I`ve decided to make another one! ¬†I`ve gathered sevral images that I know can be recreated at home easily. Enjoy!

1. Sailor Nails!

This design reminds me so much of summer because it reminds me of sailors which reminds me of boats, which reminds me of oceans, which reminds me of vacation, which reminds me of….Summer. Yup, it`s like a mind map! Anyways its really simple to do but looks great and complicated.

    2. Different Neon Colors

Summer is the time to try new things, so if you want something bold and colorful, neon is the way to go!

3. Pinks and Nudes

Pinks and nude are soft gentle colors  that always make any outfit look more polished, elegant, and put together. I love wearing these nail colors all year round but pairing them with my nude sandals in the summertime is my favorite!   4. Indigo Blue Nail Design

This blue color is so majestic and paired with yellow and white like in this picture makes it the perfect summer manicure! And what makes it even better, it can be done at home! First paint your whole nail in blue (or whatever base color you want), then once its fully dry,put a strip of tape on diagonally from the middle of the side of your finger to the middle of the tips of your nail and paint what inside of the nail white. Then do the same on the other side except paint the inside yellow. I kinow this may sound confusing but you can also think of it as drawing 2 triangles on the tips of your nails. If you would like a whole tutorial with more pictures of this I`d be glad to do it, just leave a comment saying so ūüôā
  5. Stripes

This design is so beautiful and can be down in any color want! Its really simple to create, all you need is 3 nail colors that are similar and tape. I think you get the gist of how to do this but if you don`t also feel free to leave acomment if you`d like a tutorial ūüôā

These are my favorite nail designs/ colors for summer, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Spring Trends 2015 (hair, makeup, nails, fashion)

I’m so happy to be able to finally put my winter coat away! The birds are chirping and the sun is up when I wake up and stays up until late in the evening. Spring personally lifts my spirits up so¬† much! I couldn’t wait to write this post, because as I’m sure all beauty and fashion bloggers know, as a new season rolls in, so do new trends! I’d like to give creds to http://www.harpersbazaar.com as all the pictures in this post are from there and I got most of my ideas from there as well!


Miroslava Duma in Valentino

Natalie Joos

 All Red Outfits:

Red has always been a classic but never quite to this extent, all red outfits are more and more common. So if you are daring enough, I dare you to try it one day.

Shirt dresses:

Shirt dresses have caught on because they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down so easily. They also look very cure and are very form flattering. They manage to make everyone appear slimmer than they actually are.


Outfit Ideas for Easter

Hey everyone! Hope your having a great Monday (who am I kidding, Mondays suck ;)) Eater is coming up very soon, so as the second part of my three part Easter series I’ve put together 4 different outfits that would be ideal for spring. The posts that are in the Easter series are: Hair for Easter (came out already), Outfits for Easter ( this one), and Nails for Easter (coming out this friday). Hopefully these posts will prep you for Easter so that you can look as great as you’ll feel that day!
Spring set #1
This fist outfit is very casual but chic. I think that white jeans are perfect for Easter and the yellow top and blue accents scream spring! For this outfit you don’t necessarily have to use a yellow top and blue accessories. For example, instead of yellow, you can wear a pale pink top with yellow accessories. Any Easter/ spring combination would look great paired with white jeans.

Spring set #2

Spring set #2 by osovogue featuring Disney

I think that any white dress accessorized with turquoise accessories is so romantic and festive looking! If you are planning a romantic date with a special someone, i suggest this outfit for you ūüôā

Spring set #3

This outfit mostly describes my style, I love the way fitted boyfriend jeans look with heels, along with a chic top and super cute accessories, this is my ideal outfit! The gold and pink look amazing and add a touch of elegance to the entire outfit.
Spring set #4
This outfit is super cute! It is the girliest and flirtiest of them all! The white accessories really keep this outfit from looking too pink, if you decide to wear an outfit that has lot’s of one color (like pink in this case), I strongly suggest you add some white jewelry to balance it all out!
I hope you guys enjoyed these and get some inspiration for your perfect Easter outfit!
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Spring Is In The Air (Wishlist- Budget friendly)

Spring Wishlist

Birds chirping, sun rising earlier and setting later, these are the signs of spring, they are finally happening! With spring in the air, that means we have to get our closets ready! Which is why I am sharing my (very affordable) wishlist. I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do ūüôā

Chiffon dress 18 CAD¬†–¬†romwe.com
The first thing I thought when I saw this dress was, “Spring!” The floral print and chiffon scream spring, and with the price so low, I know this one will be a hit for many.

Jane Norman v neck top 56 CAD¬†–¬†janenorman.co.uk
This top is obviously very shape flattering and can be dressed up or down. The nude color is beautiful and the gold accent really ties it all together!

Annie Greenabelle blue shirt 41 CAD¬†–¬†topshop.com
I chose this shirt because it reminded me of Taylor Swift so much! Doesn’t it? I imagine this shirt with a white or pale colored pleated skirt and bright pointed toe stiletto pumps! Something bold, like yellow! I smile thinking about that outfit:))))

Hollister Co. white jeans 32 CAD¬†–¬†hollisterco.com
I think I may have added these in a previous post… but I still haven’t bought them becasue I can’t find a pair that fits me well! If anyone has suggestions about where I could try to find a pair, please comment!!!

Delicious slingback shoes 34 CAD¬†–¬†tillys.com
I think wedges are perfect for spring.Honestly when I think of spring footwear, I think of these shoe, like exactly these! It’s as if the designer reached into my mind and found this design! I want them!

GUESS satchel handbag 110 CAD¬†–¬†macys.com
This is the most expensive item in this set, but that’s obvious because it’s a purse, and it’s Guess. I love how all the colors work together and would be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit with a leather jacket.
So this was my wishlist, I hope you enjoyed it! I ordered a few of these items and some others so there may be a haul post coming up!
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Casual Spring Outfits (ootd)

Casual Spring Outfits (ootd)
Hey guys!
So sorry for not posting on Friday, but I was so caught up with school that I really didn’t have the time! Hopefully, it won’t happen again because I am planning on stocking up on posts so that I always have a back-up one, in case I don’t have time to write a fresh one. Anyways here are two very different but very cute spring outfits!
B.T.W. The set’s background got a little messed, I’m not sure what happened but I couldn’t fix it.

Crop tank
14 CAD¬†–¬†sheinside.com
This crop top is super flattering because it’s cropped but not to cropped, you know what I mean? Also, the mesh is a great way to show skin but not too much while looking really sexy.

Gypsy crop top
19 CAD¬†–¬†newlook.com
This crop top is super cute and great for spring. It is so romantic and reminds me a bit of a thing a hippie would wear. It’s definitely boho chic. Paired with the boyfriend jeans and nude wedges below would create the ultimate romantic/casual/chic look.

Genetic Denim ripped jeans
340 CAD¬†–¬†modaoperandi.com
I’ve wanted boyfriend jeans for a really long time and these are exactly what I had in mind.¬† This color and the rips look so cute together! I’m not sure if they are high waisted or not, but if they are then that’s even better, if only they were $34 instead of $340…

Petite skinny pants
48 CAD¬†–¬†gap.com
Army green trousers, cargo pants, or joggers are a definite must have for this season. They look so great with casual shirts but they also look great with crop tops, which is why I love them! Pair these with the black crop top above and the heels below for the ultimate chic and edgy look that can be worn during the night or day.

Yves Saint Laurent leather shoes
1,005 CAD¬†–¬†net-a-porter.com
These heels look amazing with skirts and dresses, but I mostly love them with skinny jeans.

14th & Union open toe wedge sandals
63 CAD¬†–¬†nordstromrack.com
Nude shoes are one of my favorite colors for shoes, although I’m not sure why. Anyways they are best worn with jeans and shorts. Especially the boyfriend jeans above ^^^^

MICHAEL Michael Kors handle bag
455 CAD¬†–¬†cusp.com
This bag will go with pretty much anything and make any outfit look so chic and casual at the same time.

Topshop wool hat
61 CAD¬†–¬†topshop.com
I’m in love with floppy hats!

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
45 CAD¬†–¬†liberty.co.uk
xoxo, Kat
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