I have big news for you guys!! O So Vogue will be undergoing immense changes in the following few weeks, I will be moving my blog to a new platform ( instead of Which means not only will I have a new domain name, but I plan to also completely re-design the blog! The new domain will hopefully be but make sure to follow my insta (@o_so_vogue) or other social media listed below where I will announce all the details as I’m not sure if this website will be running once I move it to the other platform.  Thanks so much for your comments, likes, and time for reading my posts and I truly hope you guys will continue to show me your support :)) Also I am looking for bloggers similar to me to collab or maybe write guest posts for one another, shoot me an email at if you’d be interested (Although only limited spots are available so please try to email asap)!

Lots of love,

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Thanks to Followers!!

This is my 101 st post and I wanted to thank everyone who has been following me the past year! When I started this blog I never imagined it would reach such a wide audience and that I would get so much positive feedback. I was honestly afraid that I would get some hate mail for unknown reasons (as many bloggers do), but I didn’t! Instead I got the nicest and most positive group of followers and readers that I could possibly ask for! So I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone,  have a great time if you are on Spring Break right now! Here’s a picture of where I wish I was right now, comment where you wish you could go on vacation/ where you are vacationing!

acumal bay mexico

If only I could be back here right now!

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Creative Blogger Award

creative blogger

Hey guys, are you having a great Easter Monday? I’m spending mine renovating my house, what a relaxing way to spend Easter Monday, isn’t it? As you can probably tell, today’s post is about The Creative Blogger Award! I was nominated by Ryane, who is a really awesome and informative blog about all things beauty! I strongly recommend you check out her blog, it has so many interesting like ootd’s, motd’s, wishlists, tags, and more! Thanks again for nominating me, I love reading your posts, keep doing the great job!


The rules of the award are:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify them via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass on the rules


1.When I was vacationing in Greece a few years ago, my family and I got robbed while we were there. They came into our room while we were sleeping and snatched my moms purse. Not only did they get most of our money, but our passports too. Forcing us to travel around Greece (with hardly any money) to get to the Canadian Embassy. But not to worry it all worked out for the best! If you want to read more about that experience you can click here.

2. For three years I had my own jewelry business where I made earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and sold them at a variety of craft sales. Unfortunately, my creative spark for jewelry faded and I have stopped creating new items (although I still have quite a few items that I haven’t sold).

3. I’ve owned over 30 animals. Oddly enough, I’ve never had the “usual house pet” i.e. dogs or cats because I always lived with someone that was either allergic or didn’t want one. I did however have two lizards, a gecko, three frogs, and around 30 fish. Currently, I only have a gecko, and guess what his name is? Lizzie!

4. When people first see me they think that I’m Latino, lot’s of people think I’m Spanish but most think I’m Mexican. Some people have also thought I was Asian (Indian, mostly), when in fact I’m Serbian. Serbia is a small European country, where not to offend anyone but the people there are really white! Both of my parents are Serbian and my mom is as pale as people come but somehow I ended up with dark brown hair and eyes, and yellowish brown (it’s hard to describe my color, lol) skin! It’s funny how genetics work. I often get called, “authentic or exotic.” Some people wonder why I’m not offended by always being called different things but honestly I like it! I’m not sure why but it makes me feel special and different from everyone else (which I guess I am).

5. Since the last fact was really long I’ll make this one short, and frankly I’ve run out of interesting facts. So the last fact about me is that writing a book is on my bucket-list. I have a few ideas about what but nothing concrete, and I don’t know when I’ll find the time to start writing it, but I hope I’ll manage!


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Welcome to O so vogue!!

Last year I went through a bit of a life changing event: I got robbed in a foreign country where they stole my passport and all my money. As you can imagine getting back home wasn’t the easiest! I was very stressed and panicked because I couldn’t get on an airplane without my passport even if I could’ve found the money to buy another ticket. Obviously I managed to get back home, and even though I was very scared I made the extra days that I stayed in that country more fun than my whole vacation before the incident! I don’t know why but I felt stronger and more confident after getting robbed! I really don’t know why, when I think about it I realize that I should have gotten more scared of life and lost some confidence. I love telling this story because it is a part of me now. So I made this blog because I want to help people live a more fit, fashionable, and healthy lifestyle so that you can gain the confidence I have, without getting robbed! Enough talking about my story, here is an overview of what type of posts I will be posting:

Fashion: Do you ever have those days where you just can’t decide what to wear? Well, your in luck because my blog will have plenty of tips and tricks, ootd’ s, outfit inspirations and more! I will also follow trends and make sure to blog and give you my opinion of them! Pretty much anything fashion related will be posted. If you ever have any idea about what I should post, make sure to comment!
Make up: Makeup reviews and tutorial posts. My favorites and recommendations, almost of my makeup is very affordable as I am only a student and cannot afford many high end make up products 😦
Beauty: I love painting my nails and doing my hair so I will make sure to always post stuff about beauty in general.
Fitness: I recently improved my fitness level ( and am still trying) so I will make sure to post about what works what doesn’t what I did, favorite exercises, and many little tips that will get you whipped up in shape with almost no effort ( because I know that many people do not have time to exercise daily)!
Recipes: I will post many recipes of healthy but very tasty food ( of course there will be cheat meals as well) that doesn’t take hours in the kitchen and are very basic because I must admit that I myself am n the greatest chef. So if I can make these pretty much anyone can!

I know this was a long intro so I want to thank-you for staying with me the whole way through!:) Make sure to comment if you went through a life changing experience! And make sure to follow to see posts right when I publish them (I will post regularly on Mondays and Fridays)!