Summer Nail Inspos That You Can Do At Home

After a very long winter, summer is finally here! Although here in Toronto it really doesn`t look like it… eiither way it is summer and that means more time for beautiful nail designs! Since I`ve gotten so many positive reviews about my last nail post, I`ve decided to make another one!  I`ve gathered sevral images that I know can be recreated at home easily. Enjoy!

1. Sailor Nails!

This design reminds me so much of summer because it reminds me of sailors which reminds me of boats, which reminds me of oceans, which reminds me of vacation, which reminds me of….Summer. Yup, it`s like a mind map! Anyways its really simple to do but looks great and complicated.

    2. Different Neon Colors

Summer is the time to try new things, so if you want something bold and colorful, neon is the way to go!

3. Pinks and Nudes

Pinks and nude are soft gentle colors  that always make any outfit look more polished, elegant, and put together. I love wearing these nail colors all year round but pairing them with my nude sandals in the summertime is my favorite!   4. Indigo Blue Nail Design

This blue color is so majestic and paired with yellow and white like in this picture makes it the perfect summer manicure! And what makes it even better, it can be done at home! First paint your whole nail in blue (or whatever base color you want), then once its fully dry,put a strip of tape on diagonally from the middle of the side of your finger to the middle of the tips of your nail and paint what inside of the nail white. Then do the same on the other side except paint the inside yellow. I kinow this may sound confusing but you can also think of it as drawing 2 triangles on the tips of your nails. If you would like a whole tutorial with more pictures of this I`d be glad to do it, just leave a comment saying so 🙂
  5. Stripes

This design is so beautiful and can be down in any color want! Its really simple to create, all you need is 3 nail colors that are similar and tape. I think you get the gist of how to do this but if you don`t also feel free to leave acomment if you`d like a tutorial 🙂

These are my favorite nail designs/ colors for summer, I hope you enjoyed it!

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