Clinique Lipstick Dupe! Save Money!!

Hey guys! I know the whole Christmas and New Year season left us all a bit more broke than usual, so I’d say it’s about time for a makeup dupe post! Everyone loves Clinique; they have pretty colors, great formulas, and are pretty budget friendly (considering it isn’t a drugstore lipstick) which is why I’m so happy to share the dupe I found!

clinique dupe

Clinique (left) vs. NYC (right)

I found a dupe for the Clinique Lipstick called Think Bronze. The great alternate that is almost exact to color is Garnet Gala from NYC’s lipstick collection! Below you can see the two comparisons.

Below you can see the two lipsticks up close. When you look up close you can see exactly how close the colors are! The only difference is the cute light pink apple on the NYC lipstick but it didn’t really change the color. The two lipsticks are definitely very similar and I recommend the NYC lipstick to anyone on a budget (it’s under $5)! The only thing that I like more about the Clinique is that sometimes I feel that the NYC  dries my lips a bit, although I use it a lot more and bring it everywhere with me because it is so easily replaceable so even if I loose it, it wouldn’t be a big deal!

best drugstore lipstick

I give a 4.5/5 rating for the NYC lipstick compared to the Clinique, so you should definitely buy it the next time you are in your local drugstore!

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Casual Spring Outfits (ootd)

Casual Spring Outfits (ootd)
Hey guys!
So sorry for not posting on Friday, but I was so caught up with school that I really didn’t have the time! Hopefully, it won’t happen again because I am planning on stocking up on posts so that I always have a back-up one, in case I don’t have time to write a fresh one. Anyways here are two very different but very cute spring outfits!
B.T.W. The set’s background got a little messed, I’m not sure what happened but I couldn’t fix it.

Crop tank
14 CAD –
This crop top is super flattering because it’s cropped but not to cropped, you know what I mean? Also, the mesh is a great way to show skin but not too much while looking really sexy.

Gypsy crop top
19 CAD –
This crop top is super cute and great for spring. It is so romantic and reminds me a bit of a thing a hippie would wear. It’s definitely boho chic. Paired with the boyfriend jeans and nude wedges below would create the ultimate romantic/casual/chic look.

Genetic Denim ripped jeans
340 CAD –
I’ve wanted boyfriend jeans for a really long time and these are exactly what I had in mind.  This color and the rips look so cute together! I’m not sure if they are high waisted or not, but if they are then that’s even better, if only they were $34 instead of $340…

Petite skinny pants
48 CAD –
Army green trousers, cargo pants, or joggers are a definite must have for this season. They look so great with casual shirts but they also look great with crop tops, which is why I love them! Pair these with the black crop top above and the heels below for the ultimate chic and edgy look that can be worn during the night or day.

Yves Saint Laurent leather shoes
1,005 CAD –
These heels look amazing with skirts and dresses, but I mostly love them with skinny jeans.

14th & Union open toe wedge sandals
63 CAD –
Nude shoes are one of my favorite colors for shoes, although I’m not sure why. Anyways they are best worn with jeans and shorts. Especially the boyfriend jeans above ^^^^

MICHAEL Michael Kors handle bag
455 CAD –
This bag will go with pretty much anything and make any outfit look so chic and casual at the same time.

Topshop wool hat
61 CAD –
I’m in love with floppy hats!

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
45 CAD –
xoxo, Kat
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V-day lip ideas!

Valentine’s day is nearing (tomorrow!) and whether you are single or in a relationship you will require a perfect lipstick color and/or design for no matter what you are doing! Here a few lipstick colors and designs I made yesterday, hopefully one will feel right for you!


Classy Red

Classy red: This is a classy shade and glimmery shade of red that will complete any look!

Products used: The body shop’s red lip-gloss and a red lipstick ( not sure from which store but any red should be fine as I only used it as a base)

r pout lips

Innocent and Romantic

Innocent and romantic: This beautiful pink will stand out for sure but at the same time make you look very innocent and romantic!

Products used: Smashbox lipstick in color “pout”. ( Please write a comment if you would like a review on this lipstick ) 🙂

red with pink lips

Bright Pink Hue

Bright Pink Hue: The brightest pink look you can find! On the outside I used a Revlon lipstick and inside I used an e.l.f lipstick in the color “gypsy.”

rheart on lips

Pink ❤

 Pink ❤ : This is a very daring look, with this look you’ll get people’s attention for sure! I used a red lipstick for the outside and Smashbox’s “pout” for the heart> I also used a brush to blend them in a bit,

red and pink

Red n’ Pink

Red n’ pink: Can’t decide if you would rather go for a red lip or  a pink lip? Use both!! For the red you can use any red lipstick and for the pink choose any bubble gum pink color.

r ligth red lips

Natural Red

Natural red: This is actually a red-tinted lip balm that moisturizes your lips while making them a pretty red color. This is perfect if you want a really casual look or “not very bold” red lip.

Products used: Labello lip balm in the flavor “cherries.”

These lip ideas should leave you feeling glamorous with or without a date! Have fun recreating the looks, I know I had a blast creating them! If you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment and follow on Twitter, FB, Instagram… pretty much anything you can think of so that you can see my posts right when they come out, along with other pictures that aren’t on my blog (like a really yummy crepe!)

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