November Wishlist

november wishlist

Its been a hot minute since I’ve done a fashion wish list, so here I present… my November Wishlist! My urge to shop has just been getting larger and larger with the holiday season approaching so making this made me really happy ūüôā

Purple top
51 CAD¬†–¬†

This season, mesh shirts were a huge trend (as you’ll see further on my wishlist). Although, this top stood out to me from any other mesh top I’ve seen all season. It has such beautiful detailing that makes it so elegant and formal despite the fact that it’s see-through! Not to mention that it looks way more expensive than it actually is.

WithChic sexy shirt
26 CAD¬†–¬†

Big comfy sweaters are my go tos in the cold months (if you couldn’t tell by my sweater series lol) so I fell in love with this sweater the second I saw it. It is very chic and different because of the style. Yet it is big, fluffy, and makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket-which in my opinion, is the best feeling!

Mesh top
19 CAD¬†–¬†

And here is another example of the mesh trend. I’ve seen pretty shirts that look almost identical to this one in an array of different colors, but this psychedelic blue just popped out at me.

American Eagle Outfitters coat
70 CAD¬†–¬†

This item might seem strange to some as it isn’t my typical style, but I’ve actually been wanting a fur coat for a very long time. I think it is great for a night out when its cold out, or even just when you want to feel extremely glamorous or as some may put it, “extra”.

Petar Petrov cropped pants
1,760 CAD¬†–¬†

Apart from the price, I love everything about these pants. Just looking at them I can think of dozens of adorable relaxed and more fitted looks with them!

Levi’s high-waisted skinny jeans
125 CAD¬†–¬†

These jeans have what I call “tasteful rips”. Lately, I’ve been finding it hard to find ripped jeans that aren’t overdone and look like a five-year-old just cut them up! So I love these, as they have a few rips to keep the edgy look but aren’t ripped over the top.

Cropped pants
27 CAD¬†–¬†

Once again Zafu has another piece of clothing I love! These pants are so perfect if you want to achieve the edgy street style look, not to mention that they would be super comfortable!

Black lace up boots
56 CAD¬†–¬†

Black over the knee boots has been in my eye for years now! There are so many ways to dress them up and down. With a skirt, sweater dress, or just jeans. They are so versatile and can bring any simple outfit to the next level with minimum effort from you!
Keep an eye out this month for my next post which will be disclosing all the best affordable online stores, great for my readers on a budget!

Boxing Day Worth It or Not!?

Hey guys!

It’s your girl Kat and I wanted to start off this post by saying sorry for being MIA for the past 7 months… I will be making a whole new post about why this happened soon! I want to assure you guys that Im going to step back into posting regularly with beautiful pictures (took photography classes) and more helpful tips, ootd’s, and review (hint: GLAMGLOW Supermud! ) For now though I would like to talk about Boxing Day.

This is a bit of a different post than you are probably used to from me. Today I’m going to rant a bit… but not to worry my regular posts are coming back next week! So without further a do>>>

Q: In my opinion is boxing day worth it or not?

A: Today I went boxing day shopping with my girls and I will tell you immediately I was extremely disappointed! And I’m not above saying exactly which shops were the worst. So my day started out with waking up at 6:30 to get to the mall. My friends and I got there exactly when the mall opened and surprisingly the mall wasn’t extremely crowded, parking was basically full but it wasn’t much different than how the mall is on weekends. We went to Forever 21 first and spent around 30 min there… huge mistake! Everything was 21% off so I guess that wasn’t a bad deal but it definitely wasn’t anything great. I bought two sweaters from there(mainly because I had a gift card I wanted to get rid of).

We then decided to trek all the way across the mall to Lululemon because apparently last year they had great sales…well not so much this year. There were literally three racks with items that were priced around 20% off and of course by the time we got there everything in my or any of my friend’s sizes was gone. That’s where my biggest mistake was, we should have gone there before Forever 21. After that we went to a few other stores where all sales were honestly pretty bad.

One store that particularly upset me was Aerie. Their bras were $40 with 50% off whereas usually all year round their bras are $20.. so do the math. Its things like these that sales teams do on days like boxing, they try to trick us by inflating the prices and then slapping a huge discount on it. I mean this inst new news to anyone but still it made me quite upset.

The only good deals I found were at Abercromblie (jeans were only $44) and also Levis had 40% off their jeans which was great. Other than that most stores didn’t have any better prices than usual. Also if you buy more expensive clothes I noticed some good sales in those types of stores, for example Free People was having a 40% off entire store sale which is pretty damn good. Vince Camuto also had huge markdowns that were great.

So while there were a few things that you could buy for less, overall you can see why I was so bummed after shopping all day only to buy a few sweaters, a bra, and a ring. I think that boxing day does not make the prices more expensive or less honestly and personally I hate waking up early on my holiday days and pushing through crowds in a pushy crowd so for me this definitely was not worth it!

Congrats if you read this far!! And if you didn’t that’s ok I probably wouldn’t have either ūüėČ

I live in Toronto and I’d love to hear if you found any good deals here or anywhere else where you live.. maybe I just went to the wrong place! Comment below!!

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Favourite winter jackets

So lately it’s been getting really¬†cold outside so I thought it would befitting to write a post about winter jackets. I’m going to make it a two part series, this one will be for jackets that are for the end of fall/ beginning of winter whereas the other post will be about full duty winter jackets for snow and temperatures under 0!
Favourite winter jackets


Burberry trench coat
1,695 CAD¬†–¬†
I love this jacket because I think it’s super chic how it flares at the bottom, has a collar, and belt! By the way the flare and the belt are extremely form-flattering, it will make you seem to¬†have smaller thighs and a smaller waist. Not to mention how this camel color is trending now!

Leather motorcycle jacket
145 CAD¬†–¬†
I wasn’t sure if adding a leather jacket was a good idea or not, since everyone already knows what it is and how to style it. But since it is a classic essential I decided to include it.

Levi s blue jacket
91 CAD¬†–¬†
Like a leather jacket, denim jackets are classics! I really love layering chunky sweaters with denim jackets. For extra warmth you can find a lined denim jacket, AEO has one that’s super cute and 50% off now!

MANGO wool coat
115 CAD¬†–¬†
This wool coat is actually a lot warmer than you would think and goes with just about anything! You can dress it up or wear it casually, that’s what I love most about this jacket.

H M cape coat
100 CAD¬†–¬†
Cape coats are so adorable and remind me of little red riding hood in a way. This cape coat looks great with everything but my favorite way to style it is with over the knee boots and jeans.

Brown coat
44 CAD¬†–¬†
This is the most casual of all the coats listed but it’s also one of my favorites because it is really warm and is the ultimate casual coat! I say this because it will look great leggings, jeans, and even sweat pants don’t look so horrible with these!

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