Hair Obsession: Jenna Dewan Tatum

Hey guys!

Today I have a bit different post than usual since I’m at a cottage so I dont have lots of time to write but nevertheless I had to share this because I have never been so in love with someones hair before! ¬†The pictures below are of Jenna Dewan Tatum, yes, Channing Tatums wife… she is one lucky women ūüėČ Anyways, I first saw Jenna in a show called Witches of East End and I always loved her hair in the show. It looked so carefree and natural yet always so perfect! I love her loose waves so I deicided to search up how to do them, and to my surprise there were several sites that had pictures of Jenna’s hair and detailed instructions on how to re-create it! So if you like any of the following pictuires, which I’m sure you will (not only does she sport loose waves but also beautiful updos and short hair!), I strongly reccomend you search her up! She is my hair idol!

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