WTWW: A holiday party

WTWW: a Holiday party! In case you have noticed, this is a new series called What To Wear When, where I will give my tips and suggestions for what to wear at a certain event. With no further a due, let’s get started! 

It’s the time of year where everyone goes to fun, festive holiday parties. Christmas parties, New Years parties, and all other events are so great butI know how much of a struggle it can be to pick the perfect outfit. So here’s a few ideas that I hope you’ll like! There’s a bit of amethyst for everyone, and I know there are lots of sequins, but don’t worry I tried to balance them all out so that it isn’t too flashy but still really glittery. 

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Hair for Easter

Easter in my house was always a big deal, mostly because my mom loved it (I’m not sure why). We would always call a bunch of friends and family over for an egg hunt and traditional Easter games followed by a grand lunch! Which is why I wanted to make three separate posts for Easter; Hair for Easter (this one), Outfits for Easter, and Nails for Easter. Hopefully these posts will prep you for Easter so that you can look as great as you’ll feel that day!

Picture from: stylishtrendy.com

I think this entire look is perfect for Easter! This is  one occasion that you can pull off a bow hairstyle and purple eyeshadow without people thinking you overdid it! Although, if you are going to a serious dinner, this may not be the best look for you….

Picture from: stylehaus.com

If you are planning on spending your Easter playing fun and festive games, then I suggest you take a leap and temporaily die you hair! I suggest a “springy” color like yellow or pink! Take example of this celebs!

Picture from: http://www.pinterest.com

This is for those people with no hair skills whatsoever (like myself). All you do is braid one section of hair from each side of your head, then tie it with an elastic in the back. To make it more “eastery” put a “springy” colored bow on to cover the elastic. ( Don’t you love these words I made up ;))

Picture from: thrivehere.empowernetwork.com

Another simple hairstyle, simply take a section from each side of your head and then tie a bow as if you were tying your shoelaces! Take it a step forward: Temporarily color the strands that you will be using to make the bow. This will make the bow truly stand out! I’ve been trying out the Splat Hair Chalk Midnight Blueand it really shows in my dark brown hair! For $8 it’s a really amazing way to add a pop of color to any hairdo, I recommend you try it out!

Picture from: confettimeplease.com

If you are running out of time but still want a cute hairdo, then you can simply braid your hair and put small flowers in it!

Hope you enjoyed these hair inspos, if you liked this post, make sure to check back next Monday and Thursday(Thursday instead of the usual Friday because next Friday is Good Friday :)) for the other two posts in the Easter series.

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Treasured Polish Review (O.P.I)

This is going to be a quick post about a nail polish that I bought recently and have been loving lately!IMG_1181

It is the Nicole by O.P.I in the shade: back to reality… Tv

First off, isn’t that the cutest name!! Nail polishes always have adorable names but this one really made me smile because I thought it was soo funny…
Now to the releventt stuff:
I love the formula of this nail polish so much! It glides on easily and makes almost no bubbles, it also doesn’t make any lines from the bristles of the brush. Speaking of the brush, it is very thick and I personally like that but some may not as it is harder to do any detailed designs. This color is a beautiful pastel purple, if purple can be a pastel?! Although  you can put on several layers for a darker color. Below, there is an image of my nails after applying one coat of this color:


If you would like to read a review on the topcoat I used press here. Or if you would like to buy it press here:Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! If you would like to purchase the O.P.I color click the link below.
Nicole By OPI Nail Lacquer Polish, Back To Reality..TV #NI-K16. by OPI

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Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post but my thoughts are completely honest, otherwise I would not have made this post. I also purchased all the mentioned items with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.