Favourite winter jackets

So lately it’s been getting really cold outside so I thought it would befitting to write a post about winter jackets. I’m going to make it a two part series, this one will be for jackets that are for the end of fall/ beginning of winter whereas the other post will be about full duty winter jackets for snow and temperatures under 0!
Favourite winter jackets


Burberry trench coat
1,695 CAD – stylebop.com
I love this jacket because I think it’s super chic how it flares at the bottom, has a collar, and belt! By the way the flare and the belt are extremely form-flattering, it will make you seem to have smaller thighs and a smaller waist. Not to mention how this camel color is trending now!

Leather motorcycle jacket
145 CAD – etsy.com
I wasn’t sure if adding a leather jacket was a good idea or not, since everyone already knows what it is and how to style it. But since it is a classic essential I decided to include it.

Levi s blue jacket
91 CAD – etsy.com
Like a leather jacket, denim jackets are classics! I really love layering chunky sweaters with denim jackets. For extra warmth you can find a lined denim jacket, AEO has one that’s super cute and 50% off now!

MANGO wool coat
115 CAD – johnlewis.com
This wool coat is actually a lot warmer than you would think and goes with just about anything! You can dress it up or wear it casually, that’s what I love most about this jacket.

H M cape coat
100 CAD – hm.com
Cape coats are so adorable and remind me of little red riding hood in a way. This cape coat looks great with everything but my favorite way to style it is with over the knee boots and jeans.

Brown coat
44 CAD – zaful.com
This is the most casual of all the coats listed but it’s also one of my favorites because it is really warm and is the ultimate casual coat! I say this because it will look great leggings, jeans, and even sweat pants don’t look so horrible with these!

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October Wishlist

It hasn’t even passed Halloween, yet I’m already in the Christmas mood! I must admit usually I don’t have too much holiday spirit but for some reason this year I’m feeling a lot more festive! I already had Santa Baby stuck in my head last week and have a really strong urge to go skating! With that said, since I was thinking about the holidays I obviously thought about gifts too, which got me inspired to make a wishlist! October Wishlist

Philipp Plein three quarter sleeve shirt
1,410 CAD – farfetch.com

I don’t know about you, but I practically live in sweaters in the winter time! They are soo cozy and thick and I just don’t know what I would do without them! I need to stock up on cute sweaters of all kinds so that they’ll last me all winter!

Zara grey wool coat
250 CAD – zara.com

I’ve gotten a new winter jacket pretty much every winter because the winter before I would buy one that I didn’t really like. Unfortunately, the pattern continues, last year I bought a winter jacket because it was really warm but it’s also really really ugly! Which is why I would really like a new winter jacket like this grey one. Sadly, the one from last year  was too expensive so I doubt I’ll be getting a new jacket, but a girl can hope!

Topshop short black skirt
180 CAD – topshop.com

Red bodycon skirt
20 CAD – romwe.com

I really want to add a leather skirt (or two) to my wardrobe. They can be made to look edgy or elegant and are way warmer than most skirts because they are leather. I really like the two above because I love the dark red color of the pencil skirt and I really love the studs in the black one, it adds such a cool dynamic to the skirt!

River Island blue jegging
105 CAD – riverisland.com

I never know which pants to wear in the wintertime because I always end up freezing my butt off with whatever I wear (except sweatpants, buy I can’t wear them everyday 😦 ). So I’ve concluded that the warmest things for winter would be plain jeans, and since I’ll be wearing them daily, I’ll be needing a lot more new pairs. I really like the high waist because not only does it suck everything in, but it also adds an extra layer on your tummy making you warmer!

Tory Burch knee high leather riding boots
650 CAD – toryburch.com

Nly Shoes black high heel boots
77 CAD – nelly.com

I find it really hard to find warm and cute shoes, but I think the two pairs above should do the trick! The knee high boots are great because they are warm and you can wear leg warmers to make your legs extra toasty! The ankle boots will be colder but they are so cute that I had to make an exception and you can always pair them with warm, cute socks to make them warmer.

H M brown handle bag
51 CAD – hm.com

When it’s minus something degrees I really can’t hold on to purses, which is why I think a cute backpack is essential! I don’t have one, so I plan on purchasing that first!

H M round scarve
16 CAD – hm.com

Another of my winter essentials would be scarves! They add extra warmth, keep the cold zipper from touching your face, and make your outfit look more put together. That’s a bonus after a bonus after a bonus!

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How to Turn a Day Outfit into an Evening Outfit/ OOTD

Have you ever had a day where you had plans to hang out with people all day- from day to night? For example, first you went shopping and then had plans to go for drinks at night with the same person, and didn’t have enough time to change from your shopping outfit to an evening outfit? Well a few days ago I had a similar experience so I had to think of a way to go from a casual day outfit to a night outfit without going home to change or bring a whole other outfit along with me. I came up with a simple recipe that I will always follow if I come into a situation like this.

The Day Outfit:





For the day outfit I chose a pretty blouse that could be dressed up or down, and wore my favorite pair of wedges that can also be dressed up or down depending the situation. Since the blouse and shoes were more formal than what I would normally wear, I dressed the outfit down by pairing them with simple white denim shorts. I kept the jewelry pretty simple with a watch and a big gold necklace, although if you want an even more casual look, I suggest you take off the necklace.

Recipe: Pretty blouse+ denim shorts + wedges + simple jewelry =A day outfit that can be transformed in a night outfit in one step!

The Night Outfit:






Outfit Details:

Blouse: Dresslink ||Skirt: H&M ||Necklace: Ardene ||Shoes:Steve Madden ||Watch: Dresslink ||Bracelets: Aldo

As you can see, all I did was put on a skin tight black skirt. This skirt was easily foldable so I just stuffed it into my purse and put it on when the time came! The skirt made the outfit look far more formal and “nightly” then the shorts did, especially since it was skin tight.

Recipe: Pretty blouse + skin tight skirt + black heels + lots of bold jewelry =  Night Outfit!

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First Day of School Outfit

School Outfit Ideas

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First Day of School Outfit Ideas

For me, school will be starting soon so I wanted to share some outfit ideas for the first day of school!If you already started school, you can wear these cute outfits any day at school too, hope you enjoy! For links to where you can buy any of the items below, the details will be on my polyvore.
First Day of School Outfits
I know that in different places the weather will be different, for example here in Canada it`s already starting to get too cold for shorts some days whereas I know in other places people are dieing of heat!
#1 The first outfit is a simple skater skirt with a brown belt to match the brown sandals. Lastly just tuck in any plain tee and add a long necklace for a really cute outfit.
#2 The second outfit is my favorite! Its a shirt dress with a chambray shirt tied around the waist, paired with white high tops. Shirt dresses are so great for school because they are so easy to slip on, comfortable, casual, and still bring the femininity that dresses have.
#3 This outfit is a bit boho chic, the flowy shorts and shirt combined give a really gentle and soft look!
#4 If it’s a bit colder where you live, this outfit is great because it includes jeans. Boyfriend jeans, converse, and a graphic tee go so well together and will keep you warm. If you want to be even warmer, any cardigan would go great with this outfit!

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Makeup Wishlist

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May Wishlist 2015

May Wishlist 2015

Topshop red top
83 CAD – topshop.com

I think that crochet cop tops are the cutest! They add such a romantic and rustic feeling to any outfit and not to mention, they’re super flattering! I love this red one because the color would match my skin tone beautifully and the detailing is so amazing! This one is a bit pricey for my budget, but if I find one that costs less, I’m purchasing it for sure!

Boohoo aztec pattern shirt
12 CAD – boohoo.com

Aztec patterns are fresh and great for summer. Especially this one with such bright colors.

STELLA McCARTNEY wide-leg pants
1,195 CAD – stellamccartney.com

I must say that these pants are the WAY to go! If you want to look like a giraffe (have long legs ;)), you need these! And everyone wants to look like they have super long legs so I thing these are a essential! Also the fact that it’s white makes it a great summery pick and can be made into so many different outfit combinations.

Forever New paperbag shorts
39 CAD – forevernew.com.au

I love all these safari-looking items that are now trending (read about it here).But I think that these are great because they are high waisted and and have a drawstring, or in other words, super form flattering!

H&M black hot shorts
57 CAD – hm.com

I am sooooo glad that all this flowy items are in now. Who says that fashion and comfort don’t mix? These flowy shorts are really cute and they feel like pj’s. Everyone enjoys the breezy loose feeling of these shorts during the warm days of summer.

Frye strappy sandals
425 CAD – zappos.com

I love brown sandals and I been the market for the perfect pair for so long! I think these are perfect in every aspect..except the price! The heel isn’t too big, it’s not too strappy, and the right shade of brown. I guess there is a reason this is called a wishlist and not a haul. :/

Forever 21 sandals
34 CAD – forever21.com

Honestly, I’m still not sure how I feel about gladiator sandals. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I hate them! But I fell in love with this pair when I saw them and now they are a definite want!
I hope you enjoyed this wishlist, and liked my items of choice! Thanks for reading!
To all my followers and readers, I just wanted to let you know that I will be gone this week-end and will not be posting on Monday (sorry!) but another post will be up next Friday! Hint.Hint. Another part of the swimsuit guide.YAY.

Pretty little bows; casual or fancy

Pretty little bows; casual or fancy

Ryan Roche ivory cashmere cardigan
830 CAD – shop.harpersbazaar.com

105 CAD – modekungen.se

Red bow top
24 CAD – wearall.com

American Apparel black slim fit jeans
110 CAD – zalando.co.uk

H&M black ankle booties
46 CAD – hm.com

Forever 21 bow hair clip
3.36 CAD – forever21.com