Simple Henna Designs For Summer

Henna is a beautiful symbol of culture and tradition, but it has also become one of the biggest summer trends. You can create beautiful designs on your body that stay on for a few weeks. It’s like a temporary tattoo. Since I’m not very artistic, I have decided to gather some pretty henna designs that anyone can do! I’ll also explain how to easily achieve the design!

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I found this design particularly beautiful! It looks complex but if you break it up into a few small steps it can actually be pretty easy! You start off by just drawing a simple dot and two diamond shapes getting increasingly bigger around it . Then, draw the swirly lines that are connected to the edge of the diamond Voila, you’ve done the hardest part, now simply draw the 5 dots on either side of the diamond and the small lines around it and you’re finished!

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To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a flower or sun but either way it’s a cute design! It’s pretty straight forward how to draw this, except with one trick. After drawing hte circle, use the tip of the henna applicator to drag out the little triangular things instead of using more henna, it will end up much cleaner and precise.

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I have always found elephant henna tattoos adorable so I was determined to find one I could draw! This is probably the toughest design here, but if you look at it really close and do it one part at a time it is manageable! A tip is to start at the bottom and work your way up.

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I also love tortoises in henna, and this tortoise looks complex but is in fact really easy to draw. Start with the shell and you can draw the square design of the shell very easy. Just draw two horizontal and two vertical lines. Inside the square you can do any design or even leave it blank. The rest of the body is pretty easy!

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