Winter Hacks (to make life %100 easier)

Today I have a bit of a different post than usual, its going to be a winter hacks post! I know I’ve done hacks before but these are house and daily chores type of hacks instead of my usual makeup and beauty hacks! The winter makes all our lives a lot harder, the cold weather simply makes our bodies want to shut-down and not move. It’s a natural thing, we want to stay still and preserve our heat, thats why getting up from our couches is a lot harder in the winter time than in the summer! With that being said, I’ve gathered a few hacks that I found on the internet that will make your life much more simple, hope you enjoy!

Shoveling Snow: When I shovel, I always feel as if my shovel is only picking up half as much snow as the shovel can hold because there is always snow stuck to the shovel! To make all the snow fall off your shovel to make room for more snow to get picked up, spray on cooking spray! When I came across this tip, I couldn’t believe it! The cooking spray will make the snow slip off the shovel and therefore make you strain your back a lot less!



Keeping your hardwood dry: I hate when people come into my house with wet boots and get it all over my hardwood floor! Even if there is a house mat, they usually won’t soak up all the water and the water will end up running off the house mat onto the floor. There si a simple DIY to solve this problem! Find a crate or nice woiuld box and then place your house mat inside it and then add rocks. (refer to picture below). This will keep the water inside the “house mat” and looks super chic for any house too!

Car Problems: Whenever I go somewhere with a car in the wintertime, I’m always late! This is because I always forget to account for the ice on the car windshields! It is such a pain in the a#s to spend 20 minutes trying to scrape off frozen ice. Instead of spending time with your ice-scraper, first spray on a solution 2/3 parts vinegar and 1/3 parts water. The ice should melt right off!

Also you can cover your windshield wipers with socks (preferably long) so snow won’t stick to them.

Lock Trouble: I have news for you! There is finally a handy thing you can use the hand sanitizer in your bag that you never use but always have for something! Rub the hand sanitizer onto your keys before you put it into the lock, the alcohol in it will dry out some of the snow.

Let me know what you think bout these types of posts and if they will help you out!

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10 Vaseline beauty hacks that will change your life!

Hey guys! Finals are finally over! Yayyyy! I want to apologize for the random posting schedule, since exams are over it should go back to normal now. Anyways, today I will be talking about the 10 best Vaseline beauty hacks of all time! These will litterly change your life.

1. If you aren’t a fan of constantly reapplying your perfume,  apply some Vaseline to the area that you are going to spray your perfume. This will hold the perfume and the fragrance will last for longer. For more ideas on how to make your perfume last longer, a new post all about that will come out either this week or next week, so make sure to check back!

2. Every women has this problem, split ends, and Vaseline is a simple solution to it! Just apply some Vaseline to the damaged hair for instant shine and and healthier ends.

3. Don’t have a fancy cuticle cream? Rubbing Vaseline into them will strengthen, moisturize, and plus give your nails a shine for a fraction of the cost of a cuticle cream!

4. If you run out of makeup remover (like I do all the time), Vaseline and cotton balls are quick duo that will take off even your most stubborn makeup!

5. To avoid color stains on you head when coloring your hair, rub some Vaseline around your hairline so that the coloring doesn’t get on your skin.

6. If you want really smooth hands, get a pair of old gloves, rub Vaseline in them, and then sleep in them. In the morning you will hands smooth like a baby’s butt!

7. If your eyebrows aren’t co-operating with and the hairs are all pointing in different directions, use some Vaseline to get all the hairs pointing in one direction.

8. One of my personal favorite uses of Vaseline is to mix it and sugar together to make a lip exfoliater. Just rub the mixture on your lips for smooth, soft, and fully exfoliated lips!

9. If you have lot’s of baby hairs that annoy you like mine do, put a tiny bit of it on your finger and slick them back.

10. Mix Vaseline with melted chocolate to make your own moisturizing lip-balm!

Vaseline as chocolate falvoured lip balm

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