May Wishlist 2015

May Wishlist 2015

Topshop red top
83 CAD –

I think that crochet cop tops are the cutest! They add such a romantic and rustic feeling to any outfit and not to mention, they’re super flattering! I love this red one because the color would match my skin tone beautifully and the detailing is so amazing! This one is a bit pricey for my budget, but if I find one that costs less, I’m purchasing it for sure!

Boohoo aztec pattern shirt
12 CAD –

Aztec patterns are fresh and great for summer. Especially this one with such bright colors.

STELLA McCARTNEY wide-leg pants
1,195 CAD –

I must say that these pants are the WAY to go! If you want to look like a giraffe (have long legs ;)), you need these! And everyone wants to look like they have super long legs so I thing these are a essential! Also the fact that it’s white makes it a great summery pick and can be made into so many different outfit combinations.

Forever New paperbag shorts
39 CAD –

I love all these safari-looking items that are now trending (read about it here).But I think that these are great because they are high waisted and and have a drawstring, or in other words, super form flattering!

H&M black hot shorts
57 CAD –

I am sooooo glad that all this flowy items are in now. Who says that fashion and comfort don’t mix? These flowy shorts are really cute and they feel like pj’s. Everyone enjoys the breezy loose feeling of these shorts during the warm days of summer.

Frye strappy sandals
425 CAD –

I love brown sandals and I been the market for the perfect pair for so long! I think these are perfect in every aspect..except the price! The heel isn’t too big, it’s not too strappy, and the right shade of brown. I guess there is a reason this is called a wishlist and not a haul. :/

Forever 21 sandals
34 CAD –

Honestly, I’m still not sure how I feel about gladiator sandals. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I hate them! But I fell in love with this pair when I saw them and now they are a definite want!
I hope you enjoyed this wishlist, and liked my items of choice! Thanks for reading!
To all my followers and readers, I just wanted to let you know that I will be gone this week-end and will not be posting on Monday (sorry!) but another post will be up next Friday! Hint.Hint. Another part of the swimsuit guide.YAY.

2015 Swimsuit Guide Best places to buy from!

Summer is nearing so I thought, ” What better posts for the summer than  a swimsuit series?” I’ve decided to make a whole series about which swimsuits are best for which body types, certain body issues, and occasions! This series should hopefully make you feel beautiful in your body no matter what it looks like! Because even though your body is yours, and you should never let anyone judge it, we usually judge ourselves the most. So if your worried that your belly is too big, or that you look too flat, or that your breasts will fall out of your bathing suit, this is the series for you! Over the next few weeks I will be posting several posts about these topics. I hope you enjoy and start loving your body for the way it is by the end of this series!

There are so many different places where you purchase swimsuits nowadays so its not too hard to find the perfect bathing suit. Although there are always a few things to take into consideration:

-price: Usually (not always) the bathing suits that cost less are also worse quality. So before you head out to shop, make sure give yourself a budget.

-quality: Like mentioned in the previous point, usually when the price is lower so is the quality. So you have two options ;

1) Buy cheap bathing suits that will only last a year and then you have to buy new ones. This is actually preffered by lots of people(including myself), yes you have to repurchase yearly but then you also get new one’s each year, therefore you can keep up with trends and always change things up.

2)  Splurge on expensive bathing suits which will last you several years. This is good for those bathing suits that never go out of fashion and if you don’t like shopping. This way you spend a lot of money once and then you’re good for the next few years.

-Fit: Always take the fit of the bathing suit into consideration, for example, flat chested people usually don’t have the same type of fit as large chested women. You have to know which fit is the best for your body type! You can learn about that in my next post.

Now that you know all this, decide if you want to repurchase every year or buy once for the next few years to come.

Cheaper Bathing suits:

Forever 21  



charlotte russe

More expensive but good quality brands:


Victoria Secret

La vie en Rose

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Pretty little bows; casual or fancy

Pretty little bows; casual or fancy

Ryan Roche ivory cashmere cardigan
830 CAD –

105 CAD –

Red bow top
24 CAD –

American Apparel black slim fit jeans
110 CAD –

H&M black ankle booties
46 CAD –

Forever 21 bow hair clip
3.36 CAD –