Clinique Lipstick Dupe! Save Money!!

Hey guys! I know the whole Christmas and New Year season left us all a bit more broke than usual, so I’d say it’s about time for a makeup dupe post! Everyone loves Clinique; they have pretty colors, great formulas, and are pretty budget friendly (considering it isn’t a drugstore lipstick) which is why I’m so happy to share the dupe I found!

clinique dupe

Clinique (left) vs. NYC (right)

I found a dupe for the Clinique Lipstick called Think Bronze. The great alternate that is almost exact to color is Garnet Gala from NYC’s lipstick collection! Below you can see the two comparisons.

Below you can see the two lipsticks up close. When you look up close you can see exactly how close the colors are! The only difference is the cute light pink apple on the NYC lipstick but it didn’t really change the color. The two lipsticks are definitely very similar and I recommend the NYC lipstick to anyone on a budget (it’s under $5)! The only thing that I like more about the Clinique is that sometimes I feel that the NYC  dries my lips a bit, although I use it a lot more and bring it everywhere with me because it is so easily replaceable so even if I loose it, it wouldn’t be a big deal!

best drugstore lipstick

I give a 4.5/5 rating for the NYC lipstick compared to the Clinique, so you should definitely buy it the next time you are in your local drugstore!

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Quick drugstore everyday make-up tutorial! Simple and great for beginners!

Here is a quick and easy make-up tutorial that is great for going to school, work, or anywhere during the day! It’s really is easy and there are only a few steps so it is great for people that are in a rush or don’t like spending too much time doing their make-up. Also, all of the products are drugstore items so anyone can re-create this exact look!  Below is a collage highlighting the most important steps but if you need more detailed descriptions they will be below 🙂

First start off with a bare and clean face, so do whatever your face-care routine is in the morning and let’s get started!

I don’t like wearing lot’s of face makeup to school or when it’s warm so I will not be showing it in this tutorial, although if you prefer using foundation on a daily basis, apply it now. I just use concealer, so first I go in with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind- dark circle eraser. I use that under my eyes as you can see in the picture, I also use it on any pimples that are really red because I find that this concealer neutralizes color really well.

Now don’t blend right away, apply a second (more liquidy) concealer that has a different shade. I say this because the first concealer is very light and does cover under-eye circles but doesn’t blend in with the rest of my face, so by applying a darker concealer over I not only get my correct colour but my pimples get fully concealed. The second concealer I’m using is Covergirl+Olay : Eye Rehab, I like this one because it is really thick and covers well (almost looks like a foundation) but still feels light on your face.

Now blend the concealers. I like using my ring finger when I’m lazy or a beauty blender if I have more time. Once you finish that, set it with a powder.

The steps I don’t show are putting on mascara and eyeliner because everyone knows how to do this and has their own technique. For eyeliner I usually just do a straight line because a wing takes me too long and a nice affordable eyeliner is Wet n Wild : Coloricon brow and eyeliner in black black. I always change up mascaras depending on the day but in this tutorial I used the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. (And no, this post isn’t sponsored by Maybelline, I just like their products.) I also filled in my brows with the Elf eyebrow kit, a whole post on how I do my eyebrows will be coming up soon!

Lastly, choose any lipstick or lipgloss that you like ( in my case it’s NYC appleicious in Garnet Gala) and ta -da!! You are finished and ready to get on with your buisy day! (or just a lazy day) 😉

Makeup before and after

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