How to style comfy sweaters! Part 1

I don’t know about you, but I certainly have many many days where I wake up in the morning and all I feel is cold. It makes me not want to get out of bed or do anything! Then the thought of putting on a tight or revealing (basically uncomfortable) top to look fashionable makes me feel sick. All i want to do is not wear a bra, be warm and comfortable but still look presentable. On these days my huge comfy and fuzzy sweaters come in handy! I’ve had an obsession with sweaters lately and now they won’t fit in my closet anymore, whoops! Anyways here are a few different ways to style comfy sweaters without looking like you completely gave up on life ( even though you may feel that way inside) ;).

This post is going to made up of several different ootd looks put together but I will also give tips on ideas how to make theses outfits not so boring. You’ll see that they are all very simple, warm, and most importantly comfortable! If you want to see pictures of all my comfy sweaters, keep a look out for my Sweater Collection post coming up very soon!


Sweater: AEO | Leggings: Hyba | Shoes: Ugg

This is one of the simplest outfits but I love it so much! I love pairing leggings with sweaters because they are tight and form fitting which is completely opposite from sweaters. The ugg boots especially tied the whole look together because they are stylish but not very visible at the same time and they do not drag the eye to them, instead the sweater is the statement piece with nothing distracting the eye from it.


Sweater: H&M | Jeans: Urban Behavior | Shoes: Timberland

Here I went for a monochrome look. I paired my biggest black and white sweater with ripped jeans to add some more interest to the outfit. I really feel like the rips at the knee and some edge to the otherwise simple outfit. I finished the look off with matching white and grey socks peaking above my Timberlands. I chose the Timberlands instead one of my black pairs of shoes because I wanted to break up the monochrome a little bit and I find that they also add to the edginess of the outfit.


Sweater: Shrinking Violet | Leggings: Hyba | Shoes: Sorels

This outfit is one that I wear when I truly cannot get out of bed. I like this sweater because it is plain and can be paired with anything but it isn’t just a plain canvas, instead it has these cut-out patterns which automatically give the sweater some interest. I paired it with leggings again and wore my Sorels because they match the color scheme of the outfit perfectly, I especially love how the white fur ties in with the white sweater! Also, I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture but the leggings are more of a heather grey so there are specks of white that once again match the sweater.


Sweater: Shrinking Violet| Jeans: Costa Blanca | Socks: Roots | Scarf: Forever 21 | Shoes: Sorels

Once again, I am wearing the white sweater as above but this time I paired it with jeans. I also accessorized with a burgundy scarf and roots socks peaking from the sorels to add some color to the outfit. I also love wearing my Talula burgundy mits for an even cozier and cute look!

As you guys can see, I love making simple outfits with little touches that add some extra interest or a pop of color to them! Tag me in your pictures if you want me to see some of your cozy sweater outfits!

I didn’t plan on making this a two-part series but it would be too long for only one post so look out for part two with more looks coming up next week!

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Bought Shoes too big? Find out how to make them fit!

Did you ever order shoes online? Or were in hurry and didn’t have time to try on a pair of shoes? Or your shoes magically got bigger than they were in the store? Well here is a quick way to get them to fit like a glove!

     If your shoes are closed:black heels Like these ——————>

Stuff cotton balls in the tip of your shoes. You can find the perfect fit with this method which is why it is my favorite way. It’s also really comfy!

If you have open-toe shoes:

Use rubber soles. You can find a variety of rubber soles to stick into your shoes for added comfort, and to make your smaller. You can find some really cheap ones online or you can pick some up at any department or shoes store. I recommend the ones from Payless Shoes, they make your shoes so much comfier than they were originally.

If you are in a hurry, you can grab the soles in your sneakers and cut them to fit your hell or other shoes. Those should work as well for a temporary solution.

I recently bought a pair of wedges that were way too big for my foot and this is how I made mine fit, I hope this helps you as well!

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