How to turn your bridesmaid dress into an everyday outfit

Being a bridesmaid is great, but like the bride, you are usually left with dress or jumpsuit that is too elegant to wear anywhere else! Today I will give some tips on how you can wear your bridesmaid dress to work (assuming you work in a bank, cubicle, or anywhere where people dress “buisnessy.” A construction place probably isn’t the best place for this outfit…)! I will also show you how I a styled a beautiful Eva Franco jumpsuit that I found on These tips apply jumpsuits and dresses.

How to turn your bridesmaid outfit into an everyday outfit.

For work:

Tip #1: The one thing that almost all businesswomen own is an essential to achieve this look, a blazer! To me, blazers are the classic businesswomen item and a must-have. I love them because they can completely change the look of a outfit. Depending on how they are styled they can make an outfit look more elegant or casual. In this case, the blazer made the jumpsuit more casual and gave it a business vibe. If your dress starts flowing down right underneath your chest or if your jumpsuit is high-waisted (like in the picture) then I suggest a cropped blazer like the ones in the picture.

Tip #2: Change up the colors for a more modern and edgy feel. When we think of bridesmaids dresses we usually think of warm and neutral or one colored dresses, which is why we do the opposite,  we aren’t supposed to blend into the background (like bridesmaid are supposed to), today is our day, we want to stand out! Add strong colors that match your dress, I chose a red or black cropped blazer to go with this jumpsuit.

Tip #3:If possible, do not match your blazer and shoes. As you can see in the photo, one of my “business” outfits include black pumps and a red blazer, and the other outfit has a black blazer and red pumps. In other words add color variation, because like I said before, today we do not want to blend in! If you like matching your shoes with your tops, then read tip #4!

Tip #4: For all you people that have a need to color synchronize your shoes to another part of your outfit, then please match your shoes to your purse! I find that that brings a look together without being overwhelming to look at.

Tip #5: Stay clear of very elegant jewelry. Wear abstract bracelets, big chunky earrings, and lots of rings! You can do this in whichever color matches the rest of your outfit best (in the outfit above it was all gold). Also, feel free to add a necklace, I only didn’t because the top of this jumpsuit already has a pattern and I didn’t want to make anything clash.

Tip #6: Your purse should be big and a dark solid color. Pretty much, we are doing everything opposite to what a bridesmaid would do.

How I styled the jumpsuit for a bridesmaid:

I fell in love with this jumpsuit the second I saw it! When I think of a bridesmaid, I think of warm and light colors which is why I paired it with nude with a tint of pink heels. After the heels I found that beautiful elegant clutch and knew I had to add it! All the different colors and textures on the clutch really made this look special! It added color and subtle yet strong way! After finding the clutch, I based most of my jewelery on it, I found a beautiful purple and gold bracelet and then added on more gold bangles (these bangles had some pink on it). Since the bracelets were the same colors as the clutch it added an even more of a “pop”. Once again I added lots of rings and lastly, I added the most beautiful gold and pearl earrings.

Tip #1: When going for a overall neutral outfit but still want some “pop”, then chose one item to stand out like your shoes or purse ( like in this case).

Tip #2: Match your jewelery to your bag. I love doing this as it gives your outfit a very neat and elegant feel. I did this in this set with the clutch and the different colored bracelets!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and loved this jumpsuit as much as I did!

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