New Years Resolutions!!

Happy New Years everyone! I hope everyone had a great time whether they went out, spent it with friends and family, or decided to stay alone! As always, with a new year come new promises and new resolutions. I don’t even remember my resolutions from last year but I’m pretty sure I didn’t fulfill them, whoops! Which is why this year I have decided to only come up with three but I am going to make sure to go through with these!

  1. No surprise here but my first resolution is to get fit! I’m pretty sure I said this last year too and I kind of did keep to my word. My fitness journey started exactly one year ago and its been a long journey with not too much success. This is because I would have times when I’m super consistent and managed to go to the gym 4+ times a week and then other times when I would not go for several weeks at a time. I believe that I have finally come up with the perfect workout routine and if I can manage to go to the gym 4 times a week every week I am positive I can have a “goals” body in no time! With that being said, it is much easier to write about it then to actually drag my ass to the gym that often! Also my eating habits are horrible so I have to clean that up too.
  2. My second resolution is to restart my blog and work harder than ever before! This winter break alone I’ve done more work for the blog than in the past year! I’m also going to start a kick-ass insta so say good-bye to the one I have now because in a matter of days its should look completely different, can’t wait to show you I’m so excited!
  3. My last resolution is going to be the hardest one… I want to learn to not stress so much about little things. I have a tendency to stress out over many little things and its causing a lot of unneeded stress in my life. So this year I am going to try to be more chill and not get so affected by small things which aren’t worth my worrying.

I have high hopes in achieving my resolutions this year, comment your resolutions below!

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