Blog is officially moved!

Hey guys! I have been waiting for a long time to announce this, but I have officially moved my blog to a self-hosted website! O so Vogue has gone through some serious changes, including a name change! The blog will now be called World My Way.

The content of the blog will still be the same (all of the posts on O so Vogue will be on World My Way), but I  plan to post about some additional things as well. World My Way will not only be a fashion and beauty blog but will also have travel, fitness and health posts, and self-improvement posts!

I am still in the process of remodeling and changing a few more things but feel free to check out the new theme at!

Free Fitness and Nutrition Program

Hi everyone!

I’ve spent the last 7 weeks learning French in beautiful Gaspé, in Quebec, Canada. I had one of the best summers of my life there, full of new experiences such as sea kayaking and canyoning, making new amazing friends, and throughout the entire trip I’ve taken so many beautiful pictures that I can’t wait to share with you! Although I had an amazing time, I completely abandoned one thing I’m very passionate about; health and fitness.
I arrived in Quebec in the best shape of my life and while I did keep pretty active there, IMG_7439my diet was horrendous! I’m talking poutine for lunch and pizza for dinner, not to mention the bagel with peanut butter and jam or/ and muffin for breakfast! We had a cafeteria where we ate every day and it was very tasty but so unhealthy, we also had a big dessert after lunch and dinner ( of course I ate the dessert every time as I have a huge sweet tooth).  I shocked by body by going from a strict counting macros diet to this random unbalanced diet. Needless to say my tummy was not feeling the best most days…But I am back in Toronto and more motivated than ever to get back on track!
Since I’ve never really talked about my fitness journey on my blog I’d like to give you guys a quick re-cap of my fitness journey. I’ve been working out regularly for about 1.5 years now. I focused  mainly on weight training with basically no cardio training but lately I’ve also been working on calisthenics ( really cool body weight exercises such as kip ups, superman push-ups etc).
My goal now is to keep working on skills (the calisthenics portion) and also on my endurance (cardio) while maintaining the muscle I have grown the past six months using the 5×5 program (comment if you want more info on this).
I plan on doing BBG, Zgym and also my own calistenics workouts for at least 5 days a week, l don’t want to have a strict schedule or else I’ll be less likely to follow it.  I know 5 days may seem like a lot for some, but I truly love going to the gym ( especially for my calisthenics days, it’s like playing ) so I think I should be able to follow this schedule but if t proves to be to demanding I can always just take out a day 😃
In order to keep myself on track or help anyone else out wanting to get fit or also wants to get back on track after summer, I’m going to post on insta everyday, noting what I ate that day and what workout I did. I promise my food will be very simple and workouts will be relatively quick but definitely fun and effective ! So if this sounds like something that’s interests you, simply check out my my fitness Instagram (@peachesandabs)  that I’m just starting up.
Everything is completely free, I’m not a personal trainer just have some experience after doing tons of research and working out myself for pretty long, after all this is also to keep myself on track ( major accountability challenge for me!)
As for my followers that are here for fashion and beauty, not to worry! I am ready with a bunch of new content, collabs, and breathtaking photographs! I will be publishing a post every Thursday, along with the daily fitness post!
Also, please don’t forget that I am moving my blog to another platfrom, and my domain will change to!

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Here is to wishing everyone a great fitness journey!

Winter ways to burn fat !

The following is a list of easy things you can do with your family or friends. So that you don’t feel guilty after indulging some hot cocoa with marshmallows and other fattening desserts (apple pie is one of my favorites:)!

Shoveling Snow: The chore we all hate, one of the worst things about snow but it will give you a hell of a good workout! Feel free to skip your workout if you shovel for longer than 15 min. As it is a great cardio workout but even more so, it will work every single muscle in your upper body!

Snowball fights: Running around in the snow, ducking, jumping and throwing snowballs gives you crazy calorie burn. Approximately 350 calories per hour!

Snowman building: Believe it or not this actually a great exercise! All that bending, rolling snowballs, and lifting can help you burn an extra 300 calories per hour!

Sledding: When going down a hill on your sled, you use many muscle groups such as your core to keep your balance so that you don’t fall (right away at least). Now the part that makes sledding a bit less fun; going back up the hill! Yes, that is the part we all dread when sledding, we spend 10 sec getting down the hill but five minutes getting up the hill. Unfair. But at least we can look on the bright side, going up a hill while holding and sled in the cold = lots of calorie burning! Precisely, around 240 per 30 min!

Skating: Get your skates and get your cardio on! Don’t have skates? Many ice rinks rent out skates for cheap so that everyone can skate when they like! Skating is great cardio but is also great for building glute muscles because you are constantly in a bit of a squat. It even works your core because it has to keep you balanced, so if you are especially clumsy (like me) you will burn even more calories! Always think about the bright side of things!

I hope you enjoy these ideas and remember, always think about the bright side! Even if its dark outside 😉 Also, did anyone else notice that all these activities start with the letter S?

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Mis-fit Review

I know many people made a New Years resolution to get fit, and this is a great way to reach your goal. Last year I got a Misfit shine for my birthday, I’ve been using it for almost a year now so it’s a great time for me to write a review about it now. In case you don’t know what a Misfit shine is, it is a fitness watch. A more popular fitness watch you may have heard of is the fit-bit, the fit-bit was actually what I was planning to get but after lots of research I found the Misfit shine which was less expensive and had more neat features than the Fitbit.

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The Best of 2015 (Pictures)

I’m going to start 2016 with a post about 2015! 2015 was a great year overall and I wanted to share a few of the pictures that I used on my blog or Instagram that are my readers favorites. If you like these pictures, make sure to follow my Instagram to get new pictures daily.

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New Years Resolutions!

Hey guys! It’s been another year and we officially left 2015 behind and started 2016! Who’s excited, I know I am! As always I decided to make a New Years resolution list and this year I want to share my resolutions with you guys and hopefully  I’ll actually manage to keep some of them.

1)Actually go to the gym

I got a gym membership last month and so far I haven’t gone to the gym to exercise once! I have a bit of an excuse, I’ve been working on a gym routine. After lots and lots of research I finally decided on what my routine was going to be . I found an amazing website with a 12 week fitness plan for free! So I’m going to follow the plan  and follow it with the Treadmill Brazillian Butt Workout below, because I mean who doesn’t want a brazillian butt!?

treadmill workout

2) Less tv time

When I get home  I am so exhausted that I have a need to just lie down on my couch and watch tv, even if I have more important things to do. If I don’t watch any tv a whole day then I feel as if my day wasn’t a good one. I know, it’s like I have a tv addiction! I’m going to try really hard to stop being so dependent on tv!

3)Work more on my blog

I have to admit that lately I haven’t been separating as much time for my blog as I should… A few months ago my blog was skyrocketing but then the holiday season came along and I didn’t/t have as much time (and laziness took over) and things have slowed down. I am going to try really hard to stick to my posting schedule (Mondays and Fridays) and to produce more useful and fun content.

4) Eat healthier

Realistically speaking here, I’m never going to stop eating pizza or ice-cream but I am going to try eating more in moderation. I also have a bad habit of needing to eat some desert right after dinner, if I don’t  then I don’t feel full. So I am going to try to stop that and get my body used to eating less sugar!

Do we have any of the same resolutions? Share your resolutions in the comment section! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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2000 Follower Giveaway!

giveawayA few weeks ago, I reached another bug milestone, 2000 followers!!! I wanted to host a giveaway to thank all of my subscribers, commenters, likers, and just readers in general! My readers are from all around the world so this will be a WORLDWIDE giveaway!

What you will win:

  • A Elizabeth Arden Ultra Lipstick in the shade Cinnanmon
  • A Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Pout
  • Victoria Secret Self Tanning Cream
  • John Frieda controlled lightening spray
  • Bath And Body Works lotion (Japanese blossom)

The rules:

1) Follow my blog (if you don’t have a wordpress account then please follow either my pinterest, tumblr, or twitter instead, and make sure to comment that) and my Instagram

2) Like this post and my Facebook page.

3) Lastly, just comment your favorite makeup item and why 🙂 You can comment on  my Instagram photo of this giveaway or on this post!

OPTIONAL (To get entered twice): Follow my twitter account.

Not too bad, is it?

The giveaway will end November 30th, 2015, so there is quite some time to get sharing! The winner will be selected randomly and notified via comment or email. Once again I’d like to thank anyone that has ever supported me, even just by liking a post. Blogging is lots of hard work and dedication but I definitely think it’s worth itIf you haven’t already started a blog I strongly encourage you to give it a try!

If you didn’t win this time, make sure to watch out for the next one coming up!

The rules for this giveaway are very simple although if you have any questions don’t be afraid to comment!