How to Transition from Summer to Fall

I hate to say it, but summer is coming to an end very quickly. It makes me devastated because it is my favorite season for so many different reasons; it is also my favorite season for fashion! With that being said, I like to transition my summer wardrobe to the Fall slowly, trying to incorporate my favorite summer pieces while making my outfits warmer.

First off, light cardigans are your best friend! Not only do they add an extra layer to keep you warm but they also serve as a cute addition to your outfit! I suggest going for a light fabric or you can wear a cool knitted sweater with cutouts. These types of cardigans are warm enough for the fall weather but are still light enough to wear all day.

Of course, as it gets closer to winter it gets colder so that even the cardigans above aren’t enough. This is when you start layering with thicker cardigans, cute fall jackets, or both! I like wearing my favorite summer tanks under a cute jacket for a complete fall transitioning look ๐Ÿ™‚


black leather jacketAnother tip is to simply switch up your shoes or runners instead of sandals, personally I don’t wear sandals often so this is really easy for me!

For me, the idea of squeezing into jeans after months of shorts and skirts is unbearable so I like to ease myself into my skinny jeans by wearing looser forms of pants first, such as cargo pants and boyfriend jeans. I’ll also be wearing jeans for the following 6 months once it gets colder so I’m not in a particular hurry to bring them back to my wardrobe.

fall outfit


Hope you guys found this post helpful!

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