Is Acetone Bad for Your Nails?

  The answer is YES! I’ve always had really bad nails, they would break and chip all the time which made it really for me to keep a nice manicure. At first I thought my nails were weak because of bad nutrition, I thought maybe I wasn’t consuming enough dairy or vitamins. So I changed up my diet and nothing changed, so I thought maybe the problem was that my nail polishes were ruining my nails, after all nail polish does have a lot of chemicals and a toxic smell! I wasn’t going to give up painting my nails so I switched to organic nail polishes but my nails still remained the same.

It finally hit me that my nail polish remover was the problem when I was removing shellac and it left my fingers white and nails completely dry, rough, and broken. So I did my research and found out that acetone really is horrible for nails, so I switched to oil based removers and ever since then my nails are 100 times stronger!

I know acetone removes nail polish much easier than non-acetone nail polish removers but unfortunately it is such a strong solvent that it not only removes your nail polish but also much of the important natural oils on your nail bed. That dehydrates your nails causing them to break and chip much more. It is not recommended for regular use and especially not recommended for people with already dry nail beds (me)! Although I keep a bottle for occasional use, for those really tough colors (black and dark purple) and to remove shellac. Sadly non-acetone nail polish removers just won’t cut it for those.

Non-acetone use solvents that are much more gentle and usually contain some sort of moisturizer too to help with the dehydration problem. So if you have been having the same problems as I, I strongly suggest that you try using a non-acetone remover for a few weeks. Most brands come with both options and the price is pretty similar, so go on and try it out!

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