How to Get Rid of Dry Winter Skin, part 2!

Every time Winter rolls in, I know that I`m about to have a battle with my skin! It always gets really dry and flaky, which not only looks bad but it also makes putting face make-up on almost impossible and it also itches like crazy! Although this year I think I finally got it right! Here are a few tips on how to keep your face moisturized!

Here are a few reasons why your face may be so dry.

  • Your daily cleanser
  • Washing your hands too much
  • The dry winter air
  • The winter wind
  • Your acne creams

Since there are so many solutions to these problems, I`m going to make this a two part series, the solutions and explanations to the first two points is already post here!

The dry winter air + the wind

I put these two together because it all really comes to the same thing; the weather! If it is cold and windy outside that will certainly give you dry skin. That is because the cold air drys out your face because the air is dry too and there isn`t humidity in the air. The harsh wind is also bad for your face, leaving your face extremely dry in the winter! So dry that your normal moisturizer may not even be enough!

So my suggestion is that you use a light exfoliant first to get rid of the pieces that are flaky, then take a warm shower right after and put on your most moisturizing cream. The humidity that you created in the shower + the moisturizing cream should be enough for your face to recover from the exfoliating. Also, keep your moisturizing cream beside your bed so that you won`t forget to put it on before bed and in the morning. One more tip is to not only slather the cream on your face but to rub it in, pretend that you are massaging your face so that the cream will get thoroughly absorbed by your face.

Your acne creams

The way that acne creams work, is that they dry out your face by absorbing all the dirt and stuff that clogs your pores. It also dehydrates your skin to make the pimple smaller, this is why many people suggest putting toothpaste on your acne to shrink pimples, because it is extremely dehydrating! It does help your acne problems but will unfortunately completely dry up your face in the winter time, giving you skin so flaky that your foundation crusts up.

So to solve this problem, try to use a moisturizing face mask at least 2 times a week. Also include moisturizer in your morning and bedtime routine even if you have a load of other products. It would be ideal to stop using the acne creams for a while to let your face get it`s natural oils back but I know how bad acne can get and why some people may not want to stop, so instead of getting rid of acne creams, go to a pharmacist instead of a drugstore and specifically ask them if they have any acne creams that are better for your skin. As for the foundation problem, try using a beauty blender instead of your fingers and apply the foundation by patting it in your skin so that all the pores are covered with foundation. Do NOT rub your face or apply it side to side because that will make the application 100 times worse, it will cause your skin to get even more flaky.

I hope some of these tips help you get glowing skin in the winter time, let me know if they help 🙂

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