How to Get Rid of Dry Winter Skin!

Every time Winter rolls in, I know that I`m about to have a battle with my skin! It always gets really dry and flaky, which not only looks bad but it also makes putting face make-up on almost impossible and it also itches like crazy! Although this year I think I finally got it right! Here are a few tips on how to keep your face moisturized!

Here are a few reasons why your face may be so dry.

  • Your daily cleanser
  • Washing your hands too much
  • The dry winter air
  • The winter wind
  • Your acne creams

Since there are so many solutions to these problems, I`m going to make this a two part series, so make sure to check the blog for the last three explanations and solutions of the list above!

Your Daily Cleanser

This is something that I have been doing wrong for so long, and changing it up made all the difference! Cleansers are known to dry up your face becuase that is how getting rid of all that dirt and oil usually works, so its great for people with really oily skin, but for anyone else it will make your skin flake! So, from now on when you are looking for cleansers, don`t look for cleansers that claim they will make you acne disappear, really nice smelling cleansers, or cleansers with the little exfoliating balls in them. You see, anything with fragrance drys out your skin because the chemicals behind the scent are usually drying. That`s why even though I LOVE my Body Shop lotions that smell like heaven, I try not to use them as often as my other more organic and non-smelling lotions because I know that they do not moisturize as well. Also, stray away from any exfoliants for a daily routine in the Winter time. It is good to exfoliate every once in a while to get rid of the top layer of dry skin, but doing it daily will be too rough on your skin and leave it even dryer than when you started!

With all that being said, what you should look for a cleanser to say on its label is things like moisturize, daily, and especially labels that specifically say that they do not dry out your skin. After using a cleanser, use an extra rich moisturizer right after. To make sure your body absorbs most of the moisturizer, put it on right when you get out of the shower because your pores will be open then.

Washing Your Hands Too Often

This may comes as a surprise to some, but washing your hands religiously is actually not so great for you! If you wash your hands too often, you will most definitely get extremely dry hands. So many people over wash their hands an dcombined with the winter climate it leaves your hands red and flaky. So try not to wash your hands more than 5 times a day, also make sure to always dry your hands fully! Your hands pick up more gedrms when they are wet and the wetness also dries them out. Another thing you could do is to keep a bottle of lotion beside your sink and always apply it after drying your hands.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series! I also started a new fitness routine and was wondering if you guys would like a daily journal about what workouts I did and other fitness related tips, so if that sounds like something that would interest you, then please let me know in the comments!

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